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  1. No, it actually flew off screen. It would be better if it stayed on the same screen.
  2. I found a bug. When killing spiders near its nest, its drop flew off and landed off screen. I could still pick it up though.
  3. I was going to start a new thread, but here goes... Would it be possible to add controller support?
  4. Hold on. So what you are saying is that if you feed a carrot to a bird, it will give me seed to grow one carrot. Brilliant, that will surely help me catch several rabbits in several traps. /golf clap If the rate at which rabbits wander into traps has decreased after the first trapping, then there should be another way to get enough carrots to bait the traps. So the carrot respawn should be higher. There has to be some balance somewhere. In all fairness, a wiki has a part to play in learning the game, but playing the game shouldn't require you to look at a wiki for answers, and there should be a good learning curve in-game.
  5. Growing carrots are not guaranteed to grow from the seed you plant. So when new players start this game, they will find it very tough to begin with as morsels go not provide much hunger value. That's if they have unlocked the farm. If this game becomes overly tough, many new players will ditch it. The game needs to be much better balanced. Maybe having a time limit (X days go by) before you get less hunger value. I do like how you can refresh the food going off by adding fresh food to the pile, because it makes things easier to manage and doesn't overburden you with more stuff to manage. Please keep this as it is.
  6. I have noticed something else. Have you messed with how the traps work? Because when you place a trap for a rabbit, after the first rabbit the amount of rabbits caught after that drops off significantly. Also if you need to specifically bait the traps now, there aren't many carrots spawning to bait the traps.
  7. Hello I have just signed up to the forum recently and have had the game since mid-December. All these updates a good and I like how quick any hotfixes are on steam. However, to get a better understanding of how these changes affect new players, I think a complete reset of the game is needed every so often. Having everything unlocked to test the new changes is great, but i have found some of the tweaking recently has made progress incredibly slow. I am glad that the hunger meter has been increased (albeit a little nerfed with this latest hotfix) and there are some items to help with health regen, but i am not sure if they are enough to be absolutely honest with you at the lower end of unlocking items. Also, keeping the beeflo in one herd is going to make it difficult to kill the odd one or two to get meat, without being overwhelmed by the herd. Overall though i am enjoying the game. There is plenty to do, but so far i have been unable to get past 25 days without dying.