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  1. HA! I just cant see it because I'm on my phone at the moment.
  2. Most defiantly sir! If they don't do as you suggest at least make it so you can throw it into a fire for fuel.
  3. Meh, I guess. Sorry, tiredness and seeing people complain don't go well together with me. :/ I guess it's because I am open to everything.GOOD DAY TO YOU ALL!
  4. Well yes you would be trapped, because your in Maxwells domain yes? ANNNNND it's pretty damn hard to cross the ocean in a dingy little logboat.....
  5. I think more than enough people have asked for sanity/insanity friend, unless the devs really hate their fans, they are going to add it... GOOD DAY!
  6. On one of McMatthews threads on the "Plauge Doctor" someone went into plants an herbs and if eaten would have differnt effects.
  7. Barov with another great idea! Good job sir! Perhaps make it so some illnesses cannot be cured (such as the common cold) but can be "suppressed" so the effects arn't as bad. And what would each effect do? Would vomiting be an action that just stops your character and you puke or what? Perhaps also these illness decrease your sanity as well?
  8. Yes, this should be added, it adds another boss which is cool and it gives a logical expaltion for the tentacles!
  9. Spiders should be able to climb over them and perhaps have differnt types of barricades? Stone or twigs? (yes I am thinking of the three little pigs dammit)
  10. Oh COME ON PEOPLE! We live in a world today where everyone has to pussyfoot around other people, WE ARE SO DAMN SENSITIVE! Anyway it's just a damn star in the end anyway and it is fitting for the games "bleak" atmosphere. If anything I am annoyed they changed it to that silly red skll.
  11. I find it incredibly useful as a tool to help "line up" objects for my inner OCD. Perhaps in a later update they will change the tool, but to what? Think realistically here, how many simple tools can you make that can dig the earth? In the end it's still a shovel....