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  1. WTF, what a ****storm O.OI just want the devs to know that they are doing a great job, no mather what some people say.I think everybody should play the game before complaining, for it seems to me a lot of people don´t. You want adjustable difficulty? Maybe you should look at the gamemode "Sandbox Custom", and there you´ll see (tadaaaaa) just that.I hope this was helpful, and for christ´s sake, calm down everyone =)
  2. I totally agree with that.My first impression on the update (just from watching the trailer): Everything looks awesome =DHowever, I´ve got a question: does winter only come on new maps, or will pre-patch ones work too?
  3. This is all really awesome, especially the changes made to beefalos. And rotting food will probably be anoying, however, it really adds to the "realism" and is, at least in my opinion, a necessary gameplay mechanic