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  1. Hello everybody, I wasn't playing "don't starve" for a long time, still new update and main development trend seems really right to me. I've tried to play few different styles, had big permanent base with bunch of turbofarms and stuff, and I've tried to lurk around collecting stuff, burning down woods, fighting a little, etc - i've been backto base really seldom, just to store things, research, regain health and rare ingredients. I need to tell you that second way of playing makes me much more happy, than playing "farmer in the woods". The dynamics of the game really allows you to balance and survive in the wilderness - hitting the road. Yes, you don't have stacks of berries or fried seeds, you need to think what to eat tomorrow, but if you're in the motion, you will be able to feed yourself - it's just that. So the spoiling food update gives you more freedom in heads and backpacks, and it's really great as I see it. And it won't allow the game to become huge boring farming simulation. And, the truth is, you don't need SO much farms to live happy peaceful life(if you want to). Really, they need to invent granny, wife and shotgun for farmers.