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  1. Version 2.5


    This is a small remake of Wilton, The Undead by debugman18. I have only altered stats, portrait and main items of this mod. Wilton is brittle, spooky, fast, hits weak, doesn't starve, has little sanity his rotting brain left him with, carries a Bone-A-Rang and will reincarnate from other skeletons in the world. General: - HP: 70 - Sanity: 40 - Hunger: Doesn't exist. - Insomniac (It's to help Wilton be balanced when it comes to his huge Sanity regeneration). - Can eat any and all foods but won't recieve the benefits and penalties to Health or Sanity when done so (Dark Petals have their own special effect which reduces sanity. Plus they are EVIL). - Has a 25% speed increase (because bones are practically weightless so speed is not impaired by wind or mass). - Has Wendy's damage multiplier (meaning he will do as much damage as Wendy). - Has Maxwell's Sanity regeneration multiplier (Dapperness). - Has a Bone-a-Rang (I increased the damage done by the Bone-A-Ring to 20 (damage is affected by Wendy's damage multiplier) so simple NPC's like birds will fall in two hits). - Can reincarnate from a nearest Skeleton in the generated world. But that in turn switches to the next day's morning. - Can dig up a Skeleton from a Grave Mound (very rarely). - Immune to Overheating and Freezing. Bugs/Issues: - Wilton will say the Gravestone Epitaph lines normally like every other character instead of using his own. - Wilton's reincarnation mechanic isn't very Adventure Mode friendly. Credits to: debugman18, KiddyCorky, Nycidian, Malacath and many others.
  2. Hello ladies and gents. I was considering to post this in the Mods and Tools section (though I already posted it in my own thread) but since it's related to art I thought why the heck not. Anyways. I have recently started re-designing Wilton the Skeletons mod portrait. Unfortunetaly I require assistance and criticism on how could I improve it. For now it's just a sketch. But you can see the basic idea I'm trying to show how Wilton came to the world of Don't Starve. Thanks for reading and I hope to receive some nice clues on what could be the best way to improve it.
  3. Oooohhh... okay. So it IS kinda already finished. Well that's understandable. Obviously I'am not trying to shove him and put his ideas and say "I'll make the art. You code the level." But yeah. All's ya had to say was that it was practically finished and/or had its own theme. Thanks for explaining.
  4. Oh. Well I was just thinking since by the FAQ Up & Away is suppose to be a full mod Expansion for Don't Starve. And his ideas and artistic work would definitely be of great use. Unless you guys follow a certain "theme" for this Expansion.
  5. This thread should be in Up & Away. Because this guy has some nice artistic ideas.
  6. Don't mind me. Just still waiting here if there will ever be Wilton the Skeleton.