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  1. I think something was dialed up with the Mandrakes. I found 3 last night, and I've never seen one before. FYI Mandrake Soup heals 134 health... which is a lot. You can make it with a single Mandrake, and 3 filler, which I'm pretty sure flowers still work for.
  2. That seems like a fair balance. The hounds (or anything else hostile) could damage the fence, and after a few hits perhaps destroy it. I'd still like to make pens for rabbits and or other animals. Having a chest full of 9 bunnies is just... weird. Now that I've played a few hours on this new build, I'm not the biggest fan of how the spoilage works. I'd still like to see a freezer for my raw meat, that would halt spoilage.
  3. Ironically, maybe the game title should be "Don't Sleep"... because... well... you never do!
  4. Or fences. If you could build a fenced pen, and drop your rabbits in the pen, that would be super. Plus you could build fences to defend against Hounds. That would be nice.
  5. I was thinking there is now a reason to have bunnies in your inventory. This led me to the suggestion: Bunny Cage. Although I haven't tested it yet, I think it's safe to assume then when you pick up a bunny from your trap, he won't spoil (hehe). Of course we don't want to jam up our inventory with a bunch of bunnies (unless they stack lol!). So a cage to put them in would be a nice addition. Also, if we now have an "ice box", is it too much of a stretch to ask for a freezer? I'd like to freeze my meat please, so I can consume it much later in winter.