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  1. The act of getting honey isn't an easy task for the beginner. You have to be sure it's not full of killer bees or at least have some protection. You also must research quite a few things to get to a bee box.
  2. Before you say "That's preposterous, good sir"!, hear me out: After playing a while (and dying a few times) I looked at how I was playing the game from a gameplay perspective. It seems, because the penalty for doing something wrong is death and losing all your stuff (excluding research), that I would avoid learning about new things I saw in game and instead went to the wiki. The reasons that it discouraged me to learn about stuff in game, through trial and error, are these: Most enemy creatures are capable of killing you quickly, so you want to make sure you know what it is before engaging. Many creatures are capable of running after you (like hounds). There isn't an easy way to understand the creature without putting you in harms way immediately. Death means losing everything. which, not only is a major buzz kill to die after many days, but makes you play more of a turtling style of game. Why risk losing all you've worked for. There's no incentive to do anything at night. Which means sitting and waiting for the game time to go by. If you are hurt, there's no way to heal just health - IE: no bandages, etc.While I don't suggest that the game needs to become easier, I think it needs to establish some pillars of success to build from. Research helps in this way slightly, but its far too easy to get 100+ research, research something and die, repeat. I know research will be changed in a future update, which means nothing you do will carry forward with you. A suggestion might be that if you're able to build certain structures, that's a mini save point for the world. Perhaps instead, when you die and restart (on the same world) your previous land changes and structures are still there (crock pots and fire pits, not food and such). In the early game, as you're learning about what everything is - this would allow you some experimentation without punishing you heavily for doing so. Thoughts?