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  1. I think the new roads are great, much more realistic. Why are there so many pigs in the adventure mode?We should be able to draw on the map to mark places so we can find ourselves.I did not like the sanity meter. It does down too fast. It should not go down when the player is near fire.We should have online playing! That would be cooler than multiplayer.We should be able to choose characters on the sandbox mode too.
  2. Bug Submission Please choose a category [Gameplay] Platform ChromeVersion Number 71213 Issue title Menu Frame Bug (third item) Steps to reproduce I was playing for 30-35 minutes and was close to the science machine. Describe your issue While I was playing close to the science machine the menu poped more options, locking on the third item. Instead of changing the frames, it locked on the shovel and I couldn't see what was behind it. Even when I changed for "food", "survival" or "fight" it would change to the third option on it but it would still lock.