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  1. This is exactly what I've been thinking. Visual screen effects obviously aren't beyond the devs either with the red flash for taking damage. I'm really looking forward to sanity's implementation.
  2. haha! this would be the only way I think it should happen. It definitely fits the character. When you shift(or control?) click it he could be like "I should eat this!"
  3. More food is something we definitely don't need but pine cones do have small edible nuts in them even if only squirrels like them. That's why you may find chewed up pine cones during summer.. if you go outside, that is o.o
  4. I'd love to read through all the responses but there are tons and a few I've read have some interesting thoughts.I think the SP system is fine but I really like the idea of progressing through a tech tree every game much better. I don't think the prototype costs should be too dramatic though or it will feel like you have to continuously farm tons of materials but moderate material farming is just fine imo. People enjoy crap like this as do I but it gets dull if over-exaggerated. Just look at WoW. That game is like a chore sometimes and people lap it up. Also, SP could remain as a meter for your inflating intellect that offers small advantages and perks. Kind of like what Enjou proposed. Whenever you make something like a prototype, an axe, or a fire, anything, you gain a small amount of SP and that goes toward slightly reducing the cost of prototypes and maybe even the materials required for some structures but as you make certain items that you've researched, you eventually gain nothing meaning that you've mastered it. This progression could affect everything slightly from how long your fires last to how much damage a weapon deals, how many swings of an axe you need to bring down a tree and how durable your armor is. Again, only slightly. It really didn't take me very long to unlock everything as it is now. After already unlocking everything with mostly grave treasure, monster meat, and axes occasionally when i just need a few extra SP, i've generated worlds with graves all over the place. One world i had probably had enough to unlock absolutely everything. It's really not that bad when you find out you can get tons of SP from grave treasure. I would've been pretty disappointed had i not discovered the significance of grave treasure because most everything else doesn't give much for SP. I'd be farming monster meat or something.I'm not sure about what can be done about the character unlock. Maybe some characters can be story mode specific and others can be unlocked by surviving for a set amount of days on free mode.Although this may not be very popular, I think the idea of being left with nothing permanently gained but your own knowledge of the game would be great. Most games these days always have some kind of permanent gain from doing just about anything. Achievement points, experience points, loot, etc. I think dying in this game means you lose -everything-. That way, you really need to be careful. When you're starving you really need to find food. It isn't like "Woops I died. I'd better reload my last save" or "Woops. At least my camp and chest full of loot is still there" or "Well, at least I got a ton of exp for all the time spent so I can unlock a stronger character or some new something that will keep me from feeling like I got nothing for my time because I'm overlooking the experience of the game itself and focusing on the perks and achievements I can get from doing well." Unlocking new characters from story mode would be enough for me. The gameplay and experience should be the entire focus. No score breakdown, no perks unlocked, nothing left but an open horizon for a new experience within the game. If this is too hard for people to see, then I guess setting up a bunch of things to unlock, achievements to get, or a nice virtual bag of gold based of your score would only be used to attract people who need to feel like everything they do should be rewarded by some kind of material wealth. In this case, virtual material wealth which only exists on a screen.
  5. I'm not sure if it does more damage than the regular axe and I haven't counted to see if it takes less swings to bring a tree but I don't think so. It just lasts longer. If the damage is the same then it hits for half of what spears do.
  6. I hadn't noticed. I usually just spam my seeds till I'm full anyway. I agree on everything. I don't even bother with the darts as farming everything for one is pretty ridiculous. The sleep darts might be useful for emergencies but I don't see those often. I made 1 fire dart and accidentally burnt down the entire forest around I'd planted around my camp just to see how it would affect a bird. It lit the bird on fire and the bird died. Brutal.
  7. Yea I'm glad they're working difficulty. I can't really play longer than 30 mins or so and sometimes not even that long as I don't care for vanity and, as stated many times, there isn't much else to do. You could probably survive off seeds alone as birds are constantly dropping down on your screen and every one has a chance to leave seeds when it flies off. You can drop seeds, sit at camp and birds will drop down to attempt to eat them and be immediately scared off possibly leaving more seeds. This alone makes having fences to keep dogs out completely OP. The dogs are really the only threat to a secluded base camp so fences would pretty much ruin the game unless the dogs could attack the fences which makes sense anyway. Then, fences would be much more useful because you have a little time to get prepared if it's a big pack.
  8. It seems like a lot of people want this game to become more Farmville-ish than it already is. I like having a base camp and whatnot but I wouldn't like being able to completely turtle yourself in. I don't feel vulnerable in the game anymore as I can fight off just about anything that comes at me. Maybe I just haven't played long enough because I've seen big packs of Hounds but I've never been attacked at my camp by more than 3 which is stupid easy to fight off.
  9. The danger is part of the game but I honestly agree that there's not a hell of a lot of reason to go exploring once you reach a certain point and there isn't much if anything to do at night hence my proposed instruments in my sig. The only real source of danger I can see at this point is fighting the Tree Guard or getting caught by werepigs. Even then, if you have a couple helmets and logsuits, you can survive or simply run away for awhile. Once you've researched everything, your points seem to be useless. The devs have already stated that the game is too easy and I don't think making food expire will be a big deal until the difficulty ramps up and you simply can't find much for food. Even then, if you can't find much food, you'll be eating everything you find. Right now, I kinda feel like I'm playing Survival Farmville or something and it's been that way since something like day 20 on my current save. I'm up to 31 now and I think the highest I've been is 35 where i was mauled by a pack of werepigs I stumbled upon at just the wrong time. I really don't get how some people have gotten up to 200-300+ days and still maintained enthusiasm unless they're playing at work or something and have nothing else to do. I really like the game, I love the art and the feel of it, I love all the great ideas I'm seeing for it but right now there just isn't a hell of a lot to it. There probably isn't a large group of devs working on this. Idk how many there are but I don't think we can ask too much of them. They need time and I think we'll see some great changes over the next 2 months.
  10. Feathers make sense but then you have to make them retrievable or deal pretty high damage because I definitely don't want to farm birds endlessly to get a good set of arrows to use up in a couple fights. Plus, I don't think this game should get overly focused on combat but I do like the fact that it's there. It would be cool to have some nice armor and big boss-like monsters to fight for very late game but things like this could easily make the game feel like 2.5D Skyrim. Being too combat effective dulls the sense of vulnerability and uncertainty which are both great things about this game and something I look forward to when the difficulty ramps up.
  11. I think this would be a funny item to have in the game regardless of it's use. It would be hilarious if this was one of the first items you could make that you didn't have to research as if your character instinctively knows suicide is always leaning against the wall across the room. It fits the attitude of the game and it could simply be an "I quit" item which I would love. It's also useful for when you just want to make a new world or collect your exp for a new character unlock. I haven't gotten a map yet that's big enough to where fast travel would be necessary.
  12. It sounds like you got the same setup I did. I don't think I clicked Test for my first map but I'm not sure but I got the same thing. Islands with specific biomes each and long bridges. It wasn't terrible but it did kill the feel a little. I generated a new one using the Default option and got a MUCH better result. The world is pretty small but it's much more natural.
  13. not sure if i can remove this thread or i would. someone answered my question elsewhere and i realized i didn't specify a timezone.
  14. I'd love to stay up and catch it tonight but I probably won't if I don't know.