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  1. install latest drivers, direct x and make sure you have an updated windows, as well as latest Microsoft .NET Framework, Microsoft Visual CC+ Redist and java, all of those are usefull for proper running games, good luck
  2. ..... unlucky, i am out of rock like super fast, and such a small map, i wish the maps were bigger, even those you guys posted are small, sure annoying to travel from a point to another because of the lack of a teleport but if you really think, they are pretty small...
  3. i have a even more urgent problem, this is my map and i dont know how to get on other island from here? i went around on edges, HELP guys [ATTACH=CONFIG]2070[/ATTACH] ps: im on day 119 and quiting or re-starting the game is a no, i will quit the game and sell it if i dont find a solution, i really spend too much time getting al the things and making a nice camp and stuff. so any help would be great
  4. yes because im sure this game developers plaid over and over and reached day 300-400, and they spend 4 hours to reach now the resource location and come back. Teleport its a must have, if i knew they dont want to put a teleport of some sorts in this game i would of not get it, its fun, but as long as you play casual and die. It starts to get annoying, boring, to make a trip that lasts hours in real life just to take some resources. Poor game thinking. And if anyone starts saying something about the realism, dont get me started on the meat effigy k? if you wanted to make the game a survival than that would not be in the game and we all had like a high score as how much we survived. Waiting for a few new releases if nothing that helps us reach FAR away destinations, and i mean far like i said hours!!! of walking, looting, sleeping untill getting back, than im sry but im selling this game, not worth it. When a game stops being fun and becomes just boring and tedious ... than....