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  1. This would be great. you could also scribble on the map: Pigs here, Logging operation there, Rabbit holes, etc.Another thing is: Why does the birdcage drop 2 dedicated seeds so rarely? I think its about 1 in 4. That means if I want to farm some Pumpkin, I have to have at least 5 Farm Plots to be able to Farm Pumpkin and eat them. Can you do that more often
  2. Quick reply to the new update:-Like the new roads very much! Thank you!-The torch really burns longer and I think it makes coming through the night too easy. Also I found it far more, er, "realistic" that you had to build at least 2 torches for the night. Why does my torch burn as long as the campfire? Would suggest undoing that change.-Very much like the idea that the pigs have flower gardens, but they kinda got out of hand in the adventure mode: -What I really liked is that the Bed Roll is much cheaper now & that it restored Sanity. This was also really intuitive, I thought: Damn sanity very low, what do I do to not turn insane tonight. Ah, how about I just sleep through the night, that should help-I think Sanity should continue to decrease during the night, even if you are in the vicinty of a fire. But maybe if the player build some sort of house, then sanity shouldn't decrease if the player is inside.Suggestion:-The tent should not replenish hunger and get 10 uses instead of just one. (more like a real tent ) PS: Why is there no recent news text on Steam?
  3. I found another map that is a bit like the map I had in my first play and that I want what the maps look like, without stupid flow breaking bridges. (or are possible to look like, if you implement a world generation tool where you can tick things on and off and change the prevalence of different biomes etc.)
  4. Like I said, the roads were not my main point of critic. It's the island layout. And it doesn't matter if the island is far away or within spitting distance. As long as I'm on a swamp island, but I want to go to a rock island, I need to get off the island I'm on! And so with the roads I just follow the roads, and without the roads I just follow the coast (which makes it acutally more annoying) My suggestion is to just get rid of the bridges and the stupid islands and let one terrain flow into the next one. So I can explore the map and find what I'm looking for. If I enter an island with a terrain type I'm not looking for right now, it's basically "seen one, seen them all" so there is no exploration to be done, except find the exit. I want exploration in which I am not constantly looking for the exit! If you HAVE to keep islands (for whatever abitrary reason) make the islands big and diverse, with a bit of beach and a bit of grass and maybe some rocks/mountain so there is something to explore on the island. Even if the island has a "theme" let there be some variety, so that exploring the island might actually yield something more than just the same thing I saw when I first set foot on it.
  5. You know it doesn't really solve the issue if you just remove the road and put the islands closer together, still connected with bridges. Granted, it resolves the annoyingness of the bridges somewhat, because they are not that long anymore and everything looks a bit nice, not like you took the largest brush-size in paint and just painted one piece of color everywhere and drew lines between them. But its just one step above that...
  6. Hi, so I downloaded (from Steam of course) Don't Starve yesterday and squandered my whole sunday (take this as praise). The game is cool and quite challenging, has a nice feel to it and this wonderful sense of exploration. So let me tell you what my problem is and why I wouldn't recommend it (right now): 1. The island sort of layout: I find it terribly inorganic and boring. You walk around and then there is a bridge (which frequently extend faaar faaar to far (I don't see the point in walking between island 1-3 ingame hours)) and then aha, now I'm on the forest island, and now I'm on the swamp island and now I'm on the beefalo island, rock island, etc. etc. It totally kills the sense of exploration, when I am looking for rocks and I find a different island just run straight through searching for the next exit. Also with the road eventually leading me to the exit of the island and thereby to the next island, exploration is even more meaningless. It doesn't feel like exploration, when I enter an island and I basically know what expects me. Let me tell you how it looked when I started my first game. I had a brilliant layout, I didn't even notice I was on an Island. There was the start of a road, when I followed it, I came upon the plains with all that you need for a nice start and tons of rabbits. After a bit of exploration I found beefallos to the west, beyond that a forest, a graveyard north west, rocks to the north and a swamp and more forest to the east. Far further north beyond the rocks (or mountains as I thought first) was a greater forest with some pigs. After a few plays I wanted to try a different map and found out that they were all sh*t. With the terrain basically isolated to single islands with large inorganic flow breaking bridges in between. Also the road is a nice thing and I'm certainly not against it, but if you'd abolish the island-layout towards a more organic large world layout, you could reduce the amount of road that's there, making the exploratory aspect better. If you haven't figured out how terrible I find the current isolated-terrain-island-bridge-isolated-terrain-follow-the-road-layout let me express it again. ITS SH*T! It looks like a 12 year's old first try with the Starcraft: Broodwar map editor. It's the only aspect of the game that I hate, I love everything else, I love how you set up a camp and gather rescources and die unexpectedly (just 20 minutes ago, I found out that the pigs turn into werepigs during full moon and then kick your ass (another good use of the sleeping mat)). But the horrible island based map layout... 2. Which brings me to the 2nd point: Isometric roads (okay this is more of a aesthetic point, but you know, wrong use of isometric terrain was considered an almost unpardonable faux-pas in modding and mapmaking in Broodwar and 15 years later, you're not getting away with this!). Don't get me wrong, I have nothing against isometric terrain layout per se. What I dislike is the isometric roads. I'm sure all your expensive computers should be able to generate the road as something that is ON the terrain and therefore doesn't need to look isometric. So that's my tuppence. I really like the game, but the island layout just kills it for me.