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    Shank 3?

    You guys are very talented, I loved your other games very much, but I've had more fun with Shank than with 99% of all other games I've played, and since it's a coop experience it was not just my I would really love more maps for Shank 2 survival and Shank 3 somewhere in the future, I hope you would find time and resources to do it! Good luck!
  2. Finally completed Bombed church with my friend today. If you will make Shank 3 with single player campaign, 2-3 player campaign with Shank, Corina and Falcone plus 1-4 player survival with 10 maps - that would be my best game ever possible. And I'm absolutelly serious about it. Just think of how awesome could Shank 3 be with its B movie stylization. The end of trilogy. Like all these films
  3. Dear Klei, Shank 2 survival mode is one of the best purchases I ever had on Steam, from 200+ games I have on my account. If you could add more maps to it, it would be amazingly good. It could be a DLC of some kind. I believe it will not require much resources to make a couple maps. Perhaps one with turrets that have unlimited ammo but overheat. 3 maps that are already there are great and very challenging, but a bit more variety will make this game even better. I hope you would at least consider that if you are not planning Shank 3 Good luck with new games, Mark of the Ninja was also awesome, but I guess you know that