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  1. 6 years later stil playing the game <3 66
  2. how do i sustain picking up 1 seed per bird to storing it just to have it spoiled. seeds shouldnt spoil..... honey too....
  3. OMG Installed and ready to play! thanks again Demondizzi! such a kind and sharing person you are! ok let me try to get past day 3 now
  4. my heart is pumping! i cant believe this is real! ure my hero!!!!
  5. sent, is it safe to send steam email? i duno. im desperate...
  6. i was watching someone on a streaming site called twitch tv and she was playing dont starve, but she was also playing a game called hotline miami i cant afford it also but if you can then i recoment hotline miami if you like these kinds of game
  7. i made a steam, stevessss1 hope it works.
  8. i saw this, https://www.humblebundle.com/?s=resender it says in the faq that this is the key resender got it from here http://forums.kleientertainment.com/showthread.php?1277-Where-is-my-game-key-email - - - Updated - - - should i make one? steam?
  9. i hope i can get one, i must have played the demo more than 50 times already...
  10. if this is real then i shall say, Agrade├žo antecipadamente
  11. i read in the internet that in the main menu there is option for to see the keys. can you pm it to me? if so then id be verry greatful
  12. the only reason i want to play this badly is because i have a crappy laptop with vga graphics thats why i dont have steam. thats why i came here to ask for one if it was possible.
  13. i dont have steam, i dont have a credit card, and im not in the states. if anyone would be so kind.. pls
  14. ive been playing the demo the whole day....
  15. i know this is a long shot, but could anyone give me a game key for chrome? ill love you forever thanks.