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  1. 6 years later stil playing the game <3 66
  2. how do i sustain picking up 1 seed per bird to storing it just to have it spoiled. seeds shouldnt spoil..... honey too....
  3. OMG Installed and ready to play! thanks again Demondizzi! such a kind and sharing person you are! ok let me try to get past day 3 now
  4. my heart is pumping! i cant believe this is real! ure my hero!!!!
  5. sent, is it safe to send steam email? i duno. im desperate...
  6. i was watching someone on a streaming site called twitch tv and she was playing dont starve, but she was also playing a game called hotline miami i cant afford it also but if you can then i recoment hotline miami if you like these kinds of game
  7. i made a steam, stevessss1 hope it works.
  8. i saw this, https://www.humblebundle.com/?s=resender it says in the faq that this is the key resender got it from here http://forums.kleientertainment.com/showthread.php?1277-Where-is-my-game-key-email - - - Updated - - - should i make one? steam?
  9. i hope i can get one, i must have played the demo more than 50 times already...
  10. if this is real then i shall say, Agrade├žo antecipadamente