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  1. To me, a survival game that makes it easy to live forever is no fun. I personally think food should spoil faster than it does: the game is way too easy right now once you figure out the basics of how to play. Even with the current level of spoilage, it's pretty easy to never really think about food if you build a couple sources of food, gather all the seeds you walk past, do a little bit of crock pot cooking every night (when you can't really do anything else anyway) and keep your food in an icebox. No micromanagement required in my experience unless you try to stockpile massive amounts of food.
  2. I really like having multiple islands. It can really add a lot to the feeling of exploration in the game, and I love the idea that we could eventually make our own bridges or rafts. In a real lost-on-an-island scenario, additional nearby islands are quite likely. The real problem is that the islands shouldn't be round, and having one biome per island is terrible. The biomes and terrain need to be much more naturally distributed, but I don't think that should necessarily mean one big landmass. I also don't think it should be a binary choice between lots of small islands or one big one: there could be hybrid maps. Admittedly, I haven't tried the test generator yet, because I don't really want to invest so much time in something that is so messed up it requires a big warning, especially if I can't have two games going at once. The only improvement I would really want for the roads is to do something to eliminate the aliasing (yes, it is technically aliasing) produced when the roads are on a diagonal. It really breaks suspension of disbelief when the roads form a rapid series of 90° turns. It may be a little difficult to implement, but I would just eliminate the requirement that road elements sit on the same tile grid as terrain. I suspect this is what OP was really reacting to, and I have to agree on this one. There is no pressing need, in my opinion, to do anything more complicated than this. You can still get by with isometric road tiles, they just need to be tiled better. However, there are much more pressing things than any of this, particularly adding to the complexity & difficulty once you are a few weeks into your survival.
  3. Just to be clear,besides independent objects, I also see this with the components of a single object. The case I mentioned of the dirt and the gravestone is one. Another place I notice this often is with the fenceposts and the rocks in the turbo vegetable plots. Unfortunately I suspect you guys will need to figure out a way to impose a stable ordering on objects in the same plane if you want to fix this one. (The artwork is so beautiful that it would be a shame to leave it, but it's hardly game breaking. ) Anyway, best of luck, and let me know if I can be of any service.
  4. I have this issue as well. Interestingly, the water I'm seeing is only missing when I face in either direction along one axis. If I turn and face either way on the orthogonal axis, I see the water. I have screenshots if it's helpful. As an aside, the way the water looks when you rotate the screen is kinda awkward.
  5. That's a (reported) bug. If the map is already open, it closes it and the clock starts. I wouldn't rely on shift-tab pausing the game for you until it's a real feature.
  6. Before taking these pictures, the left menus were completely closed. As I was going along, the game decided to open it up to prep me to build the Torch. These two images show what happened when I tried to change that selection to the Campfire or the firefly lamp (its name escapes me at the moment).
  7. Bug Submission Please choose a category [Gameplay] Platform SteamVersion Number 71378 Issue title Build menus opening themselves Steps to reproduce No idea Describe your issue I recently ran into this issue. I'd been tinkering around my base at night, looking at recipes in my alchemy engine. When day broke, I wandered away and started harvesting my crops. As I was harvesting, the game started randomly opening up various recipes to build. They were not things that were newly buildable, but every mouse click seemed to have a chance to randomly trigger a new recipe to pop up for no reason. The pointer was behaving fine and it was nowhere near the left-hand menu. I had to quit the game, because it was too glitchy. When I actually tried to build something, I'd get both item windows popped up at once, one on top of the other. I would attach a couple screenshots of this, but it won't allow me. I'll keep them around in case it works later (or let me know where to email them). I have no idea what I did to trigger this, except maybe it had to do with walking away from the alchemy engine, possibly right at the moment of daybreak. (I'm trying to remember, but I'm not 100% on the exact sequence of events.) PS: I'd like to suggest you should have an User Interface bug category. It doesn't really seem to fit anywhere else.
  8. It could be an option. I think most people would be happier if it would pause, so I would set it on by default. Pressing esc is not difficult, but little touches like these make a game feel a lot more polished and user friendly.
  9. Thanks, but I don't actually want to change it. I mentioned that it may be changeable because somebody with a different binding may run into a similar issue. Since it's configurable, just checking for the presence of shift in the tab handler is not really adequate.
  10. I did manage to get this to happen again. It seems to be pretty common in the graveyards, behind the mist. I get pretty frequent fighting between the disturbed earth (where you can dig) and the headstone. It does happen when standing still, but it seems to settle down after maybe five seconds of not moving. At which point it picks one of the two objects to sit in front. FYI, I'm running 1920x1080 fullscreen, Win 8, graphics all the way up, on a 120 Hz LCD. I was unable to get an A/B screenshot. (A vidcap would be the best way to show this, but I really don't want to mess with that unless it's really going to be helpful?)
  11. Bug Submission Please choose a category [Gameplay] Platform SteamVersion Number 71378 Issue title Doesn't play nice with Steam's shift-tab Steps to reproduce 1. Make sure you are in-game and the game is not paused 2. Press shift-tab to enter the Steam overlay 3. Game will act as if you pressed tab Describe your issue Don't Starve makes use of the tab character to toggle the map. Steam makes use of shift-tab to enter and exit the Steam overlay. (It may be possible to change Steam's key binding: I've never tried.) When you are entering the Steam overlay, Don't Starve still handles the tab-key event (ignoring the shift modifier) and toggles map mode. This can be especially troublesome if you have used map mode to stop the game action, as you are now in the Steam overlay but the game is progressing. You're chatting or web-browsing away and Wilson is getting very hungry! This does not happen when exiting the Steam overlay (presumably the game never receives the key event).
  12. Bug Submission Please choose a category [Graphics] Platform SteamVersion Number 71378 Issue title Temporal z-fighting (infrequent) Steps to reproduce Find two bushes that overlap and hope it happens? Describe your issue Occasionally, I have seen cases where two objects, e.g., two different bushes, will overlap one another in a single plane. I have seen this result in rapid flickering from one object to the other. There is no spatial z-fighting: each individual frame looks fine. I don't remember for sure if this only happens when Wilson is moving. I'm sorry that I didn't think to take a pair of screenshots—I'm still getting the hang of the game and wasn't really thinking about it until I saw the MotD asking for bug reports. I will update the ticket if I manage to repro this.