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  1. Death Scenes?

    Hurrah! Very awesome ^^
  2. Death Scenes?

    ^.^ Aww, thanks guys!
  3. Death Scenes?

    XD those are crazy-awesome ideas. Though they don't even have to be super gory either, just something to kind of make the game a little more creepy and...well...fun XD
  4. Death Scenes?

    Hello, just had an odd little suggestion that may possibly be a bit morbid, but may make you want to die less in this sort of game XD I always found games more suspenseful when death scenes occur depending on what creature kills you. Say you get killed by a spider, the spider wraps you up and starts to nom on you or something similar. Say a tentacle kills you, perhaps it pulls you into the ground. Just silly things like that, I know it would require more information, but it would be kind of cool to see what kind of death scenes would take place with different monsters, and maybe it'll make you feel more sorry for the character that's trying to survive. Just a little thought