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  1. update is 40s or 50s if I'm just standing around with occasional spikes into the 60s or 70s. update is 60-80 while walking around (with frequent jumps to 140 or 150 range when something happens like a tree falling or a bird taking flight, etc)) render is fairly consistently around 30s to low 50s, but jumps to 70 at times coincidentally the game crashed while I was planting grass while looking at the debug text. Not sure if anything interesting was captured in the log, but it's reproduced below in full just in case.
  2. Did the minimum system requirements change with this latest release? I last played on Monday and everything was fine. Started up tonight and everything is very laggy. There was also some sort of weirdness happening when I tried to plant saplings and grass (Wilson did this little jump back and forth a few dozen times like there was a glitch in the matrix.) I'm running the steam version, I've got an intel core duo running at 2 Ghz which puts me past the minimum listed on the website. Did the addition of the spoilage system cause that much additional load? No one's touched this computer since Monday when I last played so I'm pretty sure it's related to the new version...
  3. I signed up for an account just to make this suggestion. Evidently I'm at least a month late.