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  1. Bird traps and seeds for me is one of the good approaches to that sweet lovin' meat as birds are almost anywhere and they land in the traps in a matter of secs/mins
  2. Probably some of you have heard of this, however for the other people here is something that reminds me vaguely of the puzzles around the videos and whatnot. http://deathball.net/notpron/notpron.htm Its a picture-sound-code-logic-whatever puzzle that has been immensely fun for me at least in the past. Have fun
  3. Completely agree! And I believe that the update is awesome, more difficulty = more fun
  4. Definitely something interesting. Adds some meaning to the game title and I believe that once the new world generator starts working correctly, hopefully, biomes will not be separated by bridges, but a whole continent fill form ( heck, there can still be lakes and seas ). That would imply that choosing the best suitable location for your big camp will be quite important. Spoiling will definitely add a bit of difficulties for explorers, but I believe that this game should do just that be more and more difficult. Also, it adds meaning to the tent as well, not just for fun but for strategic switching when needed, which is merely awesome. The pumpkin dog thingie seems like a swamp creature to me, that could be hostile if you do not posses the Boned Eye XD
  5. I have 5x DOTA 2 Keys and 1x Ravaged Key, trading opened through the steam chat. http://steamcommunity.com/id/cellfishy/