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  1. Yeah.. but I did say average players. For example.. I barely get half or less of that equipment by day 50, because I enjoy doing other things, like exploring, instead of going for certain items.
  2. You're forgetting the Deerclops destroyed half of Riptide's base and his pig followers before being put down.Being able to him to sleep or not wouldn't make much of a difference since he wakes up after one hit anyway, and those that watched the stream know he takes A LOT of hits.Also Riptide got most of his weapons using Dev commands. Most average players of this game wouldn't be able to get such equipment by day 33.
  3. Is your Don't Starve a Chrome or Steam key? If it's on Steam: I have an AwesomeNauts and a Worms: Crazy Golf copies. Interested?
  4. I have an extra copy of AwesomeNauts on Steam after buying a 3-pack that I never found an owner for. If anyone is interested in having this game I'm looking for only a copy of Don't Starve on Steam.
  5. If you have the Steam key, just open up the Steam window, look on the top left corner, and click on Games. Then select "Activate a Product on Steam" and enter your key. After that you should be able to play the game from your Library as any other Steam game.
  6. Thanks, I already have a lot of knowledge of how to play the game from tutorials/wiki. I guess all I need now is experience.
  7. Thanks for the answer, Phenomen. And thanks for the welcome w00ty. I decided to buy the game, hoping to have a lot of fun with it.
  8. I want to know, if I do buy it on Steam do I still have to play it in Chrome, or is it actually an application you can run from your PC? And if it is an application, can I play it full screen? Thanks in advance.