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  1. Count me in for team Krampus. I would like to see him get a buff too.
  2. Show us your camp!

    Aw D: That way worked on my guilds forum. I'm really noobing it up here, but how do you share pics that are saved to your computer? I looked for a thread about it on forums but couldnt find any. Thanks to anyone that responds to such a bad question v. v
  3. Show us your camp!

    Here's my base camp; it's a bit messy at the moment but, oh well. o//o I decided to place my base directly on some roads this time around. [ATTACH=CONFIG]9854[/ATTACH]
  4. Max days you've survived?

    I made it to day 164 before I suicided from boredom, that was back in beta though. Right now I'm on day 103.