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  1. Oh I see, Thank you Kevin!, Guess it's time to commit suicide and collect my XP.
  2. Is the update just not on Steam yet? If that is the case then Thank God, because my steam still doesn't show any update and it's 9:11 AM PST for me, the same timezone as you up there in Vancouver(Also where Klei is).
  3. A beefalo hat might stop them from attacking you, but it might not necessarily stop them from doing other stuff to you...
  4. I agree, I wonder if it's possible to have the image of the food change as it begins to rot, something simple like: Fresh Food (Current Image) 100% to 40% -> Rotting (New Image) >40% to 10% -> Wet Goop >10% (Use Current Wet Goop Image for everything or create one for each of the food items) I know it's a lot of work for the art team, but it really gives a better sense of of spoilage/rot like in real life, for example most people can tell the quality of food simply based on the look (obviously there are exceptions) but general perception of rot in foods is mostly visual.
  5. Nice looking Teaser. -Food Spoilage: Kinda saw this coming since there was Kevin's Post: http://forums.kleientertainment.com/showthread.php?6495-Food-spoilage -Full Life Cycles for Smallbirds: This is really awesome, I heard people talking about it but didn't know it would come with this update. Yay! -New Character: Another Character too, just looking better and better. -Chester: OMG! It's adorable! -Other Stuff: not in the Teaser: Makes me one happy Moose.
  6. Awww and LOL at the same time, it seemed like a good run, I was afraid of a bad scenario (maybe not as unforgiving as this one) so I built a large hound trap for such an occasion with bee mines surrounding it and some meat effigys in the center (sort of a safe room).
  7. Thx for your input, I am using the new map generator, maybe that is the reason I have been so unlucky. =(
  8. I've been looking everywhere for a mandrake I am on day 94 and have explored the whole map but have yet to find a single one. Is it possible that they don't necessary spawn in your game? Additionally, for red gems, I dug every grave on the map and have never seen one of these either, I have however found whole amulets though.
  9. Build tons of pig houses and make them your friends by giving them stuff to eat then proceed to gear them up with hats of your choice: pigs can pretty much wear most any hats I believe. (I've only tried the football helm and spiderqueen helm) Fingers cross for adding the ability to give them spears in the future. Then once you have your entourage built proceed to: -Decimate a forest, whenever you chop trees down your fellow pigs will also do so with the nearby trees. -Start a war with your local spider nest, I personally created a whole island full of spider nests (which I dub the Spider Kingdom in which from time to time I lead my army of pigs to invade. -Proceed to slaughter all of them by leading them into a large bee minefield -Proceed to slaughter all of them by leading them into a toothtrap field. -Proceed to slaughter all of them manually with the weapon of your choice.