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  1. Cute? Deadly? Adorable? Horrific? We may never know! But I am on his team.
  2. Make one of a scared spider, like when they are outside fighting in the light.
  3. Yes, you should make more. :DI would love to see this grow with more characters.
  4. Balance isn't always fun, but this does need some tweaking. I like the one other fourmer who made the idea of making some different foods out of levels of spoilage. It sounds more fun to me at least.
  5. I would like different saves, so when friends or family visits I can show them this neat game without killing my progress.Multiplayer might be neat, but it loses the stranded alone factor, which is one of the themes of this game I love most. I don't want to make that trade off at the moment at least.
  6. I suppose krampus and tentacles are immune?
  7. Remember, in story mode we are going to build portals to new worlds. Any left behind effigies are gone.
  8. Tentacles are the best homeland defense against krampus, I say this because my first krampus sack was found after a tentacle killed a krampus before he got even near my base. I gave the tentacle my old backpack and that grave digger item that is a tentacle, for his contributions and his always abundant high fives. Sadly, a tree guard killed him. Now its mostly a grave for the best tentacle monster ever.