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  1. I like to hold the F key to auto-attack a single enemy encounter. Holding F is pretty useful against the shadow creatures because they sometimes teleport on top of you, and you get a free hit on them instead of them getting a free hit on you. The problem is that auto-attacking Swimming Horrors causes a stunlock. They take too long to teleport away so they get hit again, which causes them to try and teleport again. This can repeated to cause them to be unable to teleport away, however they take no damage from this. It kind of just bugs up an otherwise smooth fight.
  2. While playing around on my Wilbur save file I had to constantly pick up the grass and twigs that were tossed to me by my Prime Ape friends. Later I would be trying to manage my inventory space, and I would frequently find two separate stacks for twigs and grass each that were not full stacks. I started watching for it and saw that despite the fact that some grass or twigs were going correctly into a small stack of grass or twigs, at a seemingly random point the auto-stacking would stop trying to fill up my current stacks and create a new stack in my inventory instead and begin to fill only that one. I would have around 30 grass at times and it would create a new stack before reaching 40. This happened just about every time I went to pick up a large amount of grass and twigs.
  3. Every now and then I run across some weird pickable objects displaying the wrong graphic. I cannot figure out the cause of them, but they never bug out while I am the one picking them. I am guessing that Hurricane season winds are to blame for the images where something that looks pickable is in fact already picked. The object is no longer animated and can only be examined in those cases. I don't have a good guess why my third image had pickable grass that looked picked already though. At first I suspected the DoyDoys, but they haven't done anything to reinforce my suspicion. I only caught this bug once, and it was with a grass tuft that I had not dug up.
  4. After befriending a Ballphin, I sailed on ahead to continue my adventure. Later when the Ballphin had a chance to catch up to me, I discovered that it had gotten stuck on land. It became unstuck once I sailed far enough away.
  5. While being shot at by the Floaty Boaty Knight, it missed me and hit a nearby Swimming Horror by accident. This caused the Swimming Horror to aggro on the Knight, which could not fight back.
  6. I crafted the new Ballphin Palace and placed it near my base so that I could see the little guys. However, after returning from a lengthy adventure I discovered that all the Ballphins were gone and they never came back. I never befriended any of them and they were never attacked by anything, so I do not understand what happened. My base is close to the edge the map, and I wonder if they tried to follow me through the mist. Other than that I have no clue what could of happen to them.
  7. As the seasons changed from Hurricane to Monsoon, the winds abruptly stopped as the screen filter changed from light blue to light green. The problem is that the items on the island that were being pushed by the wind were still being pushed. All the manure just slipped into the jungle silently.
  8. Almost every one of the Boat Knights that spawn to guard the places I have recently been through have been unable to attack. I am able to row up and kill them while they refuse to react beyond flinching from damage.
  9. Several times now I have randomly encountered Tiger Shark while she was killing all the nearby Jellyfish, and she completely ignores me. I can freely hit her as much as I like but she seems to heal up all the damage I deal.
  10. When walking around and stopping as Wilbur before ever going into sprint mode, the WOOSH sound that plays when he starts sprinting can be heard. While doing small chores around the base I was constantly trying to figure out where the wooshing sound was coming from, thinking it was the monkeys tossing items to me. It is not a really bad bug but it is weird to hear sprint mode falsely activate a second or two after you stopped moving.
  11. An empty tar extractor made 80+ tar for me. It was a welcome surprise but probably should be fixed.
  12. It's a nice picture, but where is his dueling pistol? I'm not funny.
  13. Someway, somehow, Metheus is working for me again and I can interact with the puzzle. I assume some nice devs found a solution. Thank you!
  14. I refreshed it, tried a different browser, and re-logged into the site with my steam information.
  15. While trying to do the second part of the Metheus puzzle with my brother, the Metheus website turned into a blank webpage. Soon after it happened to my brothers side as well and it has been a blank webpage for a few days now. I've tried deleting the web cache and cookies but nothing has changed.
  16. I feel like whoever gets teleported is going to get murdered by an enraged goat...
  17. It took me too long to notice the Maxwell rose on the bottle thing and that the anchor item is most likely just robot Wilson hair.
  18. Jokes aside, didn't Klei help with Crypt of the Necrodancer?
  19. Well, that is how we solve puzzles here, so good job!
  20. Maybe they changed Wallace into a pirate.
  21. HUZZAH! But how did you find this?
  22. Maybe. For the last ARG, didn't we use a set of passwords that led to the more important password? Those images have to be worth something.
  23. I think it is unfair to limit the amount of likes I can give during an ARG. Don't pretend you aren't laughing as hard as I am, Klei.
  24. Well, the last thing we got out of an ARG like this was a DST announcement. Maybe this will shine a light on some of the story or maybe caves?