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  1. Seals the deal on my part...Spoilage is going to make the game more difficult than it already is...No sell...
  2. Some great gaming community you have here where you bash people who only bring constructive criticism to the game. Don't like what I say then don't comment.
  3. You took only a fraction of what I said and took it out of context...Lets try and stay on point and discuss how this game can be improved in various respects for all audiences who want to enjoy the content.
  4. Game is just too hard for new players, and which is why it puts off new players from taking a chance on this game. The mechanics are punishing and is only viable by various exploits of camping/hoarding... I would like to see vast improvements to make it easier for newer players or those that are just not used to these kindof games. Maybe a grace period or a tutorial...options to customize ones experience in the game. I'm not saying make the game easy street I'm saying to streamline the experience for all audiences. Hardcore and Casual alike..otherwise you just won't make a decent profit and Minecraft will continue its reign of existence.
  5. Definitely not excited for this Insanity meter, Its just gonna make the game more harder than it already is...
  6. I would rather not see spoilage be implemented, the game is already gonna be challenging enough...