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  1. Wow.. Re-starting the learning curve was only one of his concerns. I've never seen a Dev blow off criticism with such contempt before. How sad. You're free to view your world from an Ivory tower if you wish. It's your game. Be advised that surrounding yourself with yes-men is not how to capture the largest market and sell more copies. You may respond to this if you wish, but I won't see it. Your response to wobbl3r is so offensive to me that I'm deleting my account after this post. As much as I had a rep around here for complaining, I really did love your game. One of my main concerns was the way negative (but constructive feedback) was received by your tight little group of fanbois. My hope was while it's certainly a hostile forum for anyone who would dare voice concern over something they didn't like, perhaps the Devs were still listening. I was wrong. Clearly, you don't want to hear it. So be it.
  2. I never had this problem before. This needs repair.
  3. Fire destroys the silk.You NEED silk more than ever.
  4. Wow.. None of what followed that statement justifies or actually even addressed the juvenile, rude and intolerant responses to the OP (and others like him) in any way."We got tired of the whining, so we got a bit nasty" isn't a position- it's an excuse.
  5. Interesting... I'll send my response in private to avoid hijacking your thread.
  6. Multisensory, You said it much better then I did.Well done sir!
  7. A game-day is 8 actual minutes long.8 real minutes x 426 game days = 3408 actual minutes. Divide that by 60 to get real hours and you get 56.8 (actual) hours. I meant how many days have gone by since starting the game. I'm actually going somewhere with this, but you might be bored by now. That's OK too.
  8. "You know you have to click to attack right? " ..and that's productive?
  9. It's ok to disagree with the OP, but do you kids really need to be so nasty?Puberty is temporary. Get over it.
  10. I've learned that the age of forum participants is indirectly proportional to how mean and rude they are to others.The OP and others who feel the same should take heart in the fact that the abuse heaped on their heads is likely coming from folks who will be in bed soon. The grown-ups can continue the exchange without the smart a** commentary at that time.
  11. Interesting.. How many actual days do you have invested in that one?
  12. Where did even the idea of cheating come from? Not me- the word or others like it have never clicked off my keyboard.Again, point missed. I won't beleaguer it further. I've beat it to death and no one wants to hear it anyhow. No matter. I've never been accused of having difficulty communicating ideas, yet I do seem to leave you scratching your head a lot. Seems I've stirred up lots of dander. Not my intention (despite claims to the contrary by some others).My bad. As I said before; I'll hide in the shadows and see how it all plays out. You guys can shape the game as you see fit.-- Daddums has left the building.
  13. I was saying that I'm going to enjoy the honey (in my current 10 day old game) while I can before it's nerfed in the next update. I always start a new game anyhow. I tried to make a point, but it was lost..Anyhoo- it's been a hoot. No need to respond as I'm gonna lurk quietly to myself for a while.