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  1. it doesn't show him in the character list after I enable the mod, even after restarting the game..and in the mods menu it says it crashed...so...I don't know, maybe your friend isn't that much of an incompetent, . - Edited: Nvm, I am the incompetent, i didn't read DST, I'm using RoG
  2. which error your friend reported, just in case so we can know if it happens the same?
  3. oh i see, i will try to test it later ^^
  4. it's pixelated style of drawning doest fit much in the style of the game .-. You could try to make it more drawing style, like the other characters, the idea is cool tho xD
  5. I found a workaround for the framerate issue. Try to make a copy of your save files and then start a new one. If your framerate is fixed do the steps below: Get save files and make a copy after saving the game And then select the option "import", select your old save files and it will solve the issue, but...unfortunatelly only while the game is open, once Don't Starve is closed you must do it again. Seems like something on save file is corrupting after the game closes. i7 860 amd HD5870 (sorry about my poor english, english is not my mother tongue)