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  1. Mm. I didn't know you could burn forests. That puts an entirely new spin on things =D I just can't rely on my memory anymore, the damn thing.
  2. Yeah, my leveling process is going a bit slow...
  3. I always die around day 3 or so. I know, it's like the n00biest thing ever... But I get so caught up exploring, and finding food, and resources and all kinds of crap that I forget what time it is. Then, when I see my minute warning, I see that my "light" icon is green, so I assume I have materials for a fire. When night comes, I go to make a campfire and I can only make a TORCH! So like, several times now, I've spent my last few minutes running around like a madman trying to find some grass and other materials before my freaking torch blows out. I'm always too late, though.. xD
  4. Hey, I'll do it. I'll have to buy FTL, but that's a great deal! Add me on steam- d.sept.is.raw
  5. Hey, I added you on Steam - d.sept.is.raw Message me when you're on