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  1. Shank 1 available on Linux Steam with perfectly working xbox gamepad even with rumble function and corect mapping! Awesome! Just hope those gamepad improvents comes to Shank 2 linux build also!Congratulations for the awesome work!
  2. When you start a "online quick match" and there is no one on-line, you go to the game and stops in the character select screen to wait for the other player.Would be awesome, if there is something like on Street Fighter 4, that you just start to play alone and if someone joins your game you receive some kind of a "Here comes a new player!" and start the 2 players survival.
  3. Hey, but nowadays everything is a "trilogy" Shank 3 would be like the awesomeness final complete version! :DAnyway would love to play Mark of The Ninja on Linux! Even knowing you say on the FAQ that it won't happen any ports....Maybe in the future I could try it under Wine, but since I am with a bunch of Linux titles to play, this will have to wait.
  4. I just finished Shank 2 on Hard and unlocked most achievements.This game worked really nice on Linux, and it's totally playable, besides some graphical issues (some sprites that should be display under is display on top, or some kind of transparent issue) and been unable to play online, at least with a Mac user and Windows users.The controls are really improved from what we saw on Shank 1, it's more responsive and accurate, really enjoyed that.I really missed the cooperative campaign, but the Survival Mode is really awesome! Would like to see this played with more than 2 players...Hope in a shank 3 we could see more kind of online interactive, maybe a VS mode, that you would fight other players, or even a CTF/Deathmatch with many players on the stage!Congratulations for developing such an awesome game, and since my copy was bought from Humble Bundle I decided to buy a copy to a friend as a gift!thanks!
  5. thor27

    Steam Linux Sale!

    Will Shank 2 be released for Linux during this sale with some discount? Because I want to buy a copy to a friend.Thanks!