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  1. I think a cool idea would be to have the game ask you if you would like to upload your world whenever you leave a world to goto a new one. These uploaded world worlds would live on a server somewhere. When someone else goes to another world it would load one from the community server. So you would spawn into other peoples old world. It would be a lot of fun exploring worlds were other people actually lived (or maybe even died). Maybe they could even leave behind loot and traps.
  2. I just wanted to confirm that this does actually work. It just not very intuitive. It will be interested to see how this mechanic develops over time.
  3. I was just using a standard map gen. It was definitely my fault for not understanding the mechanics of the killer bees, but don't think the punishment for not understanding mechanics should be a required map regen. Maybe the life cycle would work and they could use a "honey badger" much like the turkey to prevent farming.
  4. Bees seem to be pretty rare when you first start the game. In my latest game I only had 2 hives in the whole world. I hadn't run across the killer bees yet, so not knowing they were different than the regular bees (even though they were red) i collected 4 of them and then broke the hive. Upon realizing that i couldn't use the 4 bees I collected to craft a hive i went exploring with for another hive. When I found another hive (i had picked up some pig bros) no bees were flying around so i ran up and punched the hive. About 8 killer bees and then 1 yellow bee came out and while I was running around dealing with the bees the pigs killed the hive. That was unfortunately the last hive in my world. So now I am at day 36 and have no hives and only one yellow bee. So here's my suggestion... -Suggestion 1 -You should either be able to tame killer bees (maybe with a special hive that doesn't require bees to craft) or just be able to craft a killer bee hive. I think the killer bee hive would work the best, even though it will be a little tougher to get the honey since the killer bees do extra damage. -Suggestion 2 -Another option would be to have bees very rarely spawn from flowers. -Suggestion 3- One more possibility would be if you collect and planted enough flowers in an area then a bee hive would eventually spawn if no other were on the map. The main reason for the suggestion is now i feel i have to start my world over since i wont have access to honey, all the foods you can craft from honey and sleeping darts. But if either of the suggestions above were implemented it would not be a world killer if you mess up your bees in the early game.