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  1. After reading all the pages of this post, I see devs already said they are thinking about leaving the progression in, that's nice :)Still, they say they prefer prototypes over current system. i think I also disagree on that part. I think feeding items to the machines is fun. It makes finding rare materials more interesting. If I get a rare material I have no idea what it is for, it's like, well, I'll stash it here...But with the science points I'm like: lets see how much I get for this! And since you start new games all the time, you don't mind wasting a good item in the machines.In my opinion, it makes gathering/hunting/exploring more interesting, since it adds a layer of item value.
  2. This kills the game for me.... big timeIn every game, I try to build science machine as fast as possible to at least learn 1 recipe. So, when I die and lose everything, at least I know I achieved something and am happy about that game. For me sandbox/freedom is not the opposite of progression. I like sandbox games and freedom, and I love progression. They are both different things. I love to be free, to have no goals. But I also like to feel a difference if I have played for 30 hours, that's progression. I don't understand why you separate sandbox games from progression games. Both are not exclusive.