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  1. It's fixed? I've got no problems with DS on steam New update works fine!
  2. I agree. I myself have looked up a few things on the wiki, mainly because I don't want to risk dying and losing all my progress, I guess. Also, you CAN instant heal - eat seeds
  3. Barov, great reply. I'm very thankfull for that answer, it really helped me a lot! Also, I guess the best way is to kill birds/rabbits. So any hints then on defeating Krampus?
  4. Hey, I recently ran out of my stockpile of food because I decided to not slaughter any more of the fee Beefalo's that are left on my map. So eh, I've got 4 turbo farm plots, and I know of 2 small pig villages. I haven't explored my whole map yet, but I can't explore more right now because I need food first.. So I'm wondering, how do you guys get your food/what is a good way to get some? ~rocket
  5. I just tried it (I also bought the humble bundle) and it works fine for me. Just launched the game.exe and it worked.
  6. Haha I know it wasn't a 'serious' question xd So, pigs = bacon? GENIUS!
  7. I killed my first spider queen today, thought I'd die but since I hat a meat effigy I just tried. I used a logsuit, a football helmet and a spear. I managed to hit 2 or 3 times between attacks from the spider. It's actually not that hard 1. Click to attack twice, or three times. 2. Press WASD immidiately after the last click to walk away 3. repeat 4. if a small spider pops out, attack it without retreating, so just keep clicking, doesnt matter if it hits you. Thats how I did it. Didn't take long. I think about 10 - 15 hits to kill it Otherwise, well, I think your only option is to burn it. Or get pigs to help you. But kiting is the easiest option..
  8. The only pigs in my world take 1 day to get to.. so that won't work. Also, I might be able to lure her to an adjecent island where I've planted a small forest, and light it on fire.. I really don't think I can kill her with just a spear and log armor :l
  9. WHERE DO I FIND THE DELICIOUS BACON YOU ARE TALKING ABOUT?!!!!! Didn't even know that bacon is in the game! xD Also, it's not hard to get resources for a basic campfire. First thing you should do is look for some flints, then look for rocks. If there are rocks, make a pickaxe and mine them for stone + more flints. If there are none, then just make an axe. Chop some wood, collect some grass and collect some saplings. Shouldn't be too hard
  10. Is just your game zoomed out, or your normal internet pages aswell? Its probably just a hotkey for zooming, like ctrl + mouswheel (up/down) is on PC. But since I don't have a mac I don't know the hotkeys.. I tried googling it but I didn't really find anything usefull. Sorry! GL
  11. Hi.. Last time I needed help with a treeguard, this time a wild spider queen has appeard. And I must say I'm not very pleased with it, since I've only got a spear and logsuit armor. No fancy darts or spider hat yet.. If I leave it alone, will it turn into a spider den? (Read that on the wiki). If no, how do I kill it... :l ~rocket
  12. You need 4 boards, 2 cut stone and 4 pig skins. You also need an alchemy engine and it costs 200 research points to unlock it. (it shows up under the construction tab on the left when you're neer a science machine or alchemy engine). You've got to also first unlock boards and cut stone with a science machine/alchemy engine, and you get pig skins when you kill pigs (25% chance)
  13. Hi, This might seem like a silly question.. but will making a new world delete my previous one?. Since there is only a 'continue', 'new game', and 'make new world' button, I don't know if I can have multiple saves/worlds at once. I just want to be sure before I try.. so I don't delete my current save :l ~rocket