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  1. Whoops, it seems the developers just changed the mouse button. Instead of the left, I now have to use the right button. It seems I was so immersed in the game I didn't notice the 'RMB' indicators. A typical mistake for a n00bie. XD This topic can be closed now. Or you can go on discussing the mesmerizing qualities of berry bushes. Have fun everyone!
  2. Hey everyone, As you can see, I'm new here. My boyfriend gifted me Don't Starve on Steam and thus far, I'm loving the game! However, I've noticed that ever since the last update, the one with the shovel and tufts, I can no longer effectively plant berry bushes anymore. It's quite a pity, as I had just found the ideal spot for my camp. Is this a bug or am I supposed to dig up a certain kind of piece of land and plant it near my camp, to be able to plant bushes on that piece of land? Judging from the difficulty of the game, it could also be just another thing to make the game even harder...If that were true, I don't really see a point in playing the game anymore as I've been trying to create a decent small farm over and over again... Some help would be greatly appreciated! Kind regards, Oddberry126