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  1. I did what you said. Had an epic fight with queen spider and her minions my spear went out but i succeded to get her dead with some pan flute playing and a shovel.... Then her army of small spiders took me down and my meat effigy copy. Now a fresh start with the mustasch-man!
  2. I'm playing my first time and is currently on day 72. And frankly, Im starting to get bored! I understand this game is still under progress, and I read about what might come (winter etc), and that sounds good! But what can I discover and do at the moment? Maybe I am missing something. It was really challenging in the beginning. The hounds attacked my first camp and I had no idea what they were. Ran with my torch away from them and setteled near a pig village where I could get some protection from them. I lived there a while and everything was good. Suddently a big queen spider destroyed all my pig allies and I ran away again. I found a new pig village and did the same. I have researched alot and have a good base with farming and all that. I have a meat effigy in base 2 (the one that got attacked by spider queen). Im thinking that Im playing it to safe maybe....I mean, first charachter and still alive. What would you do? Is the other charachters interesting to play? Worth taking suicide? Great game! / Ksorf