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  1. Thank you very much for quick response and quality answer. I was afraid that it will go Mark of the Ninja: Special Edition way.
  2. Will there be DRM free version of this DLC? I bought it a while ago (just because it's don't starve expansion!), and today I've noticed that it is STEAM only.
  3. Also where can I find the key for stand alone version? In my HIB page theres only two chrome keys, and two steam keys.
  4. There was a mention by Klei, that game 'will' be released as stand alone versions (non-steam, non-chrome that is) right? Was there any indication when?
  5. I have bought Overgrowth and Little inferno recently, and both games are downloadable via Steam and Humble account.Game is nearing 1.0, so maybe there is any news/plans on game being downloadable via Humble account?
  6. Laggyness only affects chrome window. Mouse cursos that hovers on top of the window is definitely geting 60+ FPS.Also i noticed more lag when color scheme changes (in early winter, etc.)
  7. Maybe my Mac's graphic processor is to weak? Can anyone tell me something? So i just give up reporting these bugs, if these forementioned things are even bugs.
  8. Also I recently noticed, that insanity effect of "vibrating corners" decreases performance greatly.
  9. Yeah, I had the same problem with overlaping mist in graveyards. http://forums.kleientertainment.com/showthread.php?7540-Graphics-quot-Huge-quot-(overlaping)-mist-makes-game-slugishIt got fixed two updates or so ago.What GPU you're using? And OS10 or windows? Chrome/steam?
  10. In any of those places (in screen-shots) summer time I had not even remote signs of lag, or any FPS drops. In early-er version of the game (when Queen was introduced) i fought in dense woods, with 7 Queens with bout 40 minions, and IGP performed fine.
  11. Bug Submission Please choose a category [Graphics] Platform [*]Chrome Version Number 73736 Issue title Drop in FPS when winter startis Steps to reproduce Play in winter time Describe your issue Game gets very slugish when winter comes. I have identified these trigers: - many trees on screen with snow on them (if theres no snow its perfectly fine); - snowing near campfire (whatever huge base is not a problem, but if theres snow, or snowing...); Sometimes it gets laggy without any aparent reason. Other than that, i think all the objects, that have snow on, just gets to my IGP. Maybe its chrome? MacBook Air 13" (mid 2010) with Intel HD 3000.
  12. Wouldnt that be nice? There would be no need to carry few armors and helmets, just the components for it, or maybe some material dedicated for fixing stuff.No?P.S. Also, my camp after 100 days look like scrapheap, becouse theres like 50+ armor/weapon items with >15% health on the ground. What should one do with that stuff?
  13. Bug Submission Please choose a category [Graphics] Platform [*]Chrome Version Number 73723 Issue title MBA HD3000 choppiness and other graphical glitches Steps to reproduce Game gets laggy'er when winter comes. Broken couds just zoom out so that you can see clouds Describe your issue The madness update had same thing with clouds (i thought someone else would report it). Now the "paths" have this black border (which i guess is a bug, same thing is with roads, but it is almost invisible). Also previous and this version became way more choppy; especialy in winter. Im using MacBook Air 13" (mid 2010) with IGP (intel HD3000) For some reason i cant add any of the screenshots, so the bug report is worthless...