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  1. I think it is a good call to take out the Research points and the unlockables, it makes it feel fresh, after reading this thread i concluded my own idea for still preserving a sense of progression, may not be perfect but I was thinking of harder tier world when you passed a milestone in the world you have played so far. say 50 days or killed the boss. Made a suggestion on it, check it out and give it some feedback. http://forums.kleientertainment.com/showthread.php?7199-End-game-Replayability Sorry for being a scrub.
  2. I was thinking while reading some of Kevin's latest ideas and the discussions following, about replayability, progress and the like. I got to thinking about how to make the game feel fresh each time you start a new world, which was Kevin's latest epiphany to remove the Research points and having to research everything a new with each new world, which was a good call in my opinion. But I see a lot of people not liking to lose the sense of progress with their unlocked stuff being gone each new round. A lot of people, including myself feel that the game as it is right now, is a bit too easy, which is where my idea comes together. So my suggestion is to have each new world become progressivly harder and unlock more things each time. Say you survived 50+ days on your world and then died or defeted the boss, etc, then you have the option to go to the next tier of world, where your stomach depletes faster, monsters have more health and do more damage, hounds come around more often, there are new enemies, crops grow slower, you name it. I think this would make each new world feel rewarding and still challanging despite becoming a veteran at the game. Of course, the difficulty increase could be a bit subtile, like your first next tier world, your stomach only depletes 25% faster for example. So that you won't have to go from sucking on a bottle of milk to sucking on a bottle of hot sauce. This, I imagine could go up to a cap of 5 or so, and in the final world there could be a boss. Or a boss on each tier world, I'm not so sure. All of this is pretty much thought up on the spot, so excuse me if It is ridiculous. But I do believe this would be a good balance between a fresh game, increased difficulty and having a progression in the game. I'm writing on an iPad so this text might look like crap. Give me your thoughts on it.
  3. If you play on steam I think you can delete the userdata for Don't Starve and it'll reset it. Happened to me on accident when I was messing around. Steam > userdata > (somenumbers) > 219740
  4. Well, goddamn I am so dense, I could simply have used the Import function a lot earlier... kinda forgot it was there in all the troubleshooting, well this should keep me going, I apologize for this unecessary thread and to anyone whom wasted their time with it.
  5. Steam, Steam Cloud Active, I tried searching Appdata, Steamapps, My Documents, all the common places. I could be onto something, but requires a bit more testing.
  6. Where can I find the save files? I tried searching around a bit but i've come up short.
  7. Like I wrote, whenever I crash, and restart the game after a reboot, there is no longer a Continue option, the world is still there, the landscape that is. But nothing I have done is there, its just a new game. Is there any way I can manually save my progress every now and then?
  8. Well, so far I have played eight lives, and crashed and lost progress in four of them.. I play through steam and use Steam Cloud, does not do anything.. I'm wondering, it says you can import worlds, does that mean I can save and exit maybe every 5 nights or so, make a backup of the world and then reinstate the saved world if it happens to disappear due to a crash, much like in Minecraft, where worlds sometimes disappears if you crash?
  9. ...at least for me. I bought the game yesterday, 9/1 -13, and I love it so far, the sense of dread for your life, the rewarding experience of making your way towards independens, the great humor and chilling audio. This game is most certainly going to go down as a favorite for me. But, the problem I have run into and that is crippling my experience is that your progress disappears upon a computer crash. Twice already after just a couple hours of playing, my computer has crashed and I've lost hours of progress and experience. There is nothing more frustrating than that. So my suggestion is simply to try and implant an auto-save feature, like every 5-10 minutes, I realize this might be exploitable, like if you die could potentially simply turn off your computer fast and it'll be like it never happened or something, but if someone choses to do that it's their own choice, their own enjoyment that will suffer. I on the other hand don't do that, but my enjoyment suffers a great deal when 2-3 hours into a life my computer decides to take a nap and I lose everything I worked for. That is my suggestion, I would like to hear opinions and feedback. I hope this thread gets read by the developers and that they give it a thought, because I really like this game but it is a shame if it falls short because of a flaw like this. Edit extension: So I just read one announcent thread in which it stood that it auto-saves every morning. I like to think this works, but when I load up the game after crashing there is no Continue option in the main menu. So, is the auto-save for something else, like the things you have unlocked with the science machine or so? 'Cause I have to start from scratch after a crash except for unlocking stuff.