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  1. The first time I changed worlds I brought tons of Raw supplies, (wood, grass, etc) and some refined ones (Planks, rope, etc), and , 1 of each basic gold tool. Now I bring tons of manure/rot and the things that give them (Tufts and such). I can usually find a good place to set up camp within a day or two and from there the farm is already going. Day 2/3 (depending on when I build my camp) is set to getting materials to survive while the plants are doing their thing. and day 4 is getting weapons. Once the first materials harvest comes, I'm usually pretty set for the rest of the life... or at least until I decide to do something stupid.
  2. If you've got 4x monster meat, log, suite and spear, give a pig some monster meat. Bring the new meal away from teh others and give them 3 more. He'll transform into a wearpig so be prepared for a bout. Good news, you can attack it mid transformation and it only take 4 shots with the spear. You'll net 2 Meat (the good stuff) and a Pig Skin for each pig you do this to.
  3. Tentacle monster made easy - Hit it once, then back off until it's done swinging and go back in for another hit. Repeat until dead. If you did it right, you can kill it without taking damage (No weapon required).
  4. For the new idea(s) on learning, you could have research built into the use of items as well. People do learn a little as they preform actions. Just have it on a degrading learning curve so people can't just spam an action over and over to learn things. That way, them doing things also help. I personally don't think the current system's an issue but I can see where it does leave situations where people farm for items to give to the learning tree. Instead of forgetting 2-3 items per death, why not have it be items used regularly - 2-3 times within the last ~30 days - have a higher probability of being remembered for that specific character. There should be no reason why Wilson's knowledge passes to the other characters or why Wilson remembers something he used on day 12 after dying on day 100. People forget things. It's part of life. The system would allow for a benefit to new players by allowing them to have information to survive longer as well as punish people for living forever without keeping up on their skills.That could also be an attribute built into the game (forgetting). You learn things but if you don't use them in a couple weeks/months they turn back into prototypes or are completely forgotten. People may grind to remember everything or the things they need but they'll be doing it on their terms. This could also apply to the points they currently have as we don't remember everything we learn. I think that that would also help out with things like winter as you may not do something for a couple of months because you don't have the experience to just do it again. You need to practice or every re-learn it.
  5. Just a suggestion: Since winter is cold, that would cause food to spoil less quickly than in summer. Some people use the cold as a pseudo refrigerator/freezer in areas with colder temperatures. tl;dr - spoilage time changes per season.