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  1. Well that royally sucks i just hit day 300 xD Oh well i guess a fresh start cant hurt
  2. Im just wondering, will i have to make a new world for the spoilage thing to effect me? Also can i simply use the tent to change to the new character without dieing? Im at lvl cap
  3. Looks like this update is the best yet, though i havnt tried it out so i cant say for sure but it really adds a new element of survival ( Though i daresay only some minor tweeking will be needed to make my base just as a effective)
  4. Useless post but i feel i need to brag that the first krumpus i killed today dropped his sack ^^ BONE UP!
  5. Its not quite what your asking but i know your problem, I amke farms and crock pots as well Eggplant and carrots are good for stuffed eggplant corn you can use fro popcorn if your bored i know some really good recipies if ya wanna gather during the day to kill time?
  6. Id say your best bet is to to bolt through the swamp without stopping at all than and stick to the path, im up to day 240 and when i go through there i take football helmet amulet (even though i have effigies) and im still extremly careful so until your able to slowly take them out 1 by one STAY AWAY
  7. Fair enough i guess, but still ive made a dedicated erea just fro krumpus same with hounds and pigs my whole area is made to suit different situations. My main base is a little different i made everything symmetrical neat, organized and setup so i can survive doomsday ^^
  8. How come your camp is all, for lack of a better term scattered? Theres no rhyme or reason at least not at first sight.
  9. Have you ever gotten one? iI have killed 42 (yes im counting) and nothing but charcoal and monster meat
  10. So if i bust out log suit football helmet spike and as Soon as he shows up pan flute him, can i just spam click him and hell die pretty quick?
  11. Thanks i never thought of that xD any advice on how to kill him or how to make him appear quickly? And is he hard to beat?
  12. I think the more insanity you have the harder it will be to play as in mayby you can hear hounds coming but nothings there? Or mayby you can see the ghosts of the graves that are around and either talk to or even kill them?
  13. Ok here it is The traps are purly decorative they havnt been reset for ages. When hounds come at night they run straight for the meat im standing on (I think you can see it) Its a stack of 10 so if im slow i still have time but when they come i just spam click them until there dead because once you kill one it drops monster meat which they follow and well you get the picture Its not the best way but i hate standing in a ring of traps waiting till day
  14. It does have fireflys They look awesome at night plus i have like a death pit were i kill hounds at night lower on screen there is a second fireplace and like 100 hounds teeth at least chillin on the floor ^^ I have 30 grass tuffs 10 saplings and some effigies off to the left as well. As for my goal i want to keep surviving for as long as possible hopefully more hounds come as the day count goes on, at the moment I own them and don't even have any traps set up Want me to put up some pics of night time and my death pit?