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  1. Very awesome! Can't wait to see what more it does in the future, and also the next update. Keep up the good work guys
  2. I don't think they add to the naughty rating. I have a system where I prey upon pig villages by luring unsuspecting pigs away from their homes with monster meat and slay them as werepigs to harvest meat and skin. I use the skins to make more houses until i have a veritable army of the things. Never had the Krampus appear from it.
  3. The same thing happened on my game too actually. It lagged like mad but I had survived for going on 100 days by then and I wasn't gonna let that stop me so I gathered up a horde of pigs and we marched into the thick of battle. All the pigs died horribly before I was swallowed in the mass along with them :S