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  1. I always keep just the single tab open for the game... and I usually just spaz out with my movement until it stops any direction for awhile til it stops usually does the trick just takes a minute or two
  2. I'm playing a bit more and I think, just like the game, the further the days progress the more lag there is, but the cursor lag is different then the laggy gameplay when there alot of more stuff spawning and discovered etc. Just a chance it could be!
  3. Bug Submission Please choose a category [Gameplay] Platform ChromeVersion Number 71213 Issue title Laggy / Non Responsive cursor & Random walking up Steps to reproduce These issues seem really random, not once have I seen a specific action make these things happen, they just occasionally do, more laggy cursor though. Describe your issue When I'm just minding my business half the time doing what I'm doing when I move the mouse it usually barely responds and slowly moves its way to where I want it after a couple of forced slide movements or just decides not to move. I havent exactly seen any response with this bug to my actions and it just always seems to do that, and it's been more frequent lately. Then some people say their characters wont move but with me it's more of the character wont stop moving. This is a rare problem I get once every few playthroughs but it has gotten me killed since its almost uncontrollable since you can move but if you stop the character just assumes control and goes right up for no reason. Again, I just play the game and I have yet to find out what exactly triggers this but the cursor is more of a problem than the random rare movement problem. I hope this problem would be able to get looked into!
  4. Yeah the suggestions and all, but yes they have the capacity to make the strangest creatures and very unique that I just am excited to see even more of that if it does happen. And with Wendy, her sister has made me sad now how i finally got like a flock of 12 tallbird babies and she killed them alllll... I wanted to cry... and thos surpurise hugs dont help in battle too if shes too close... xp and you should see me biome currently, its nothing but dark grassylands and swamps... very hard to find some resources but the long trips have been worthwhile and Im back on my feet with progression to approach that fourth character. And that seems like a interesting idea then... To see what the 5th will have in store with eliminated research points... Which really does pick at my brain because I really liked those research points, it gave the game a special side goal to improve your survival and whatnot. I hope they add something like that again if they do remove that.
  5. Well I like how you put your opinions, I definitely do seem to be a little repetitive then if my points are being brought up elsewhere but just wanted to add a lil imaginative zing! Like with the enemies and how mythical being overplayed, I didnt even think of that and it is pretty true. I just got off on the idea we popped up on this weird world so maybe a blend of weird creatures should be expected and nothing new... and I totally have to agree with you how Wendy is a favorite, ever since I unlocked her theres just something about her that makes me wanna play with her xp ANd with the worlds, I have been playing the Test Worlds lately to get a glimpse over the last few days but like I said before, some lanscapes love to tease me and make me run islands to islands for a place I wanna get resources! Like the Savannah spots , I dont know if those are rare but I never get a chance with those anymore and when I do i can see them from across the water but BAM no bridges to it unless I go farrrrr away and work weeks to it! Just hope to maybe see a bridge thing really... If we have to work a lot of logs and boards and rope, Ill do that even, its worth it to start some cropping. Which leads me to also agree to no farmville crap... I doubt were approaching that but just enough for a farm land with what they have already and the chickens, I forgot tallbirds existed since I JUST came across one today (surpursing) and that totally beats chicken anyday... But yeah! I feel good reading all this and it sets me up more into the game than out of the box and Im pretty comfy in hereee... and I know theres four characters but Im just lame and havent gotten the 4th yet xp
  6. I Just want to start off by saying how amazing I think this game is! I know it's a little basic to say, but it is true! I only stumbled across this game and found it to be entertaining and insanely addicting. The concept and art style is amazing by far and the idea of survival in this game definitely proves to have it's challenge and fun along the way with certain accomplishment from learning and experimenting! Now that's only a short sum up of what I could compliment this game with but I'll just post my suggestions and praise a bit more in the end! 1) Travel, definitely understand the concept of on foot survival and I doubt we can jack up our characters with speed boosters to discover areas faster (love to explore the map) but would there be any way to travel through islands faster besides single pathways sometimes? I'm always seeing good resources when I'm walking on the edges but always end up looping the island until I find a way out! Would getting enough resources to build a bridge even to cross a reasonably sized gap be possible? or even a little row boat? 2) Time, the time in this game has the cool day to sun setting to nightfall cycle. But I dont know if Im crazy but it seems some days when I'm walking around trying to do my thing it quickly shortens the days sometimes... Other days are reasonable as usual. Just seems some pass faster than others? Probably just me but if only a slight minute or two could be added maybe? Just to get the right amount of day time to scavenge around! 3) Enemies and combat, I really do love the enemies in this game and I do have to say its been a trial and error run with a lot of them to understand how they work and who I should void or try to fight... And sometimes thats just my downfall to even think about fighting them! Which leads me to say if you guys are going to think of some new mobs to add, friendly and deadly to the game to open up more ideas to craft-able items and tactics in the environment. Like chickens? Eggs for food make a hen house and wa bam more food possibilities... Ill be back on this suggestion as well Soon but also enemies, maybe even add a little bit of mythical creatures in since I sorta get the idea that the idea of survival realism is there but still has the fancy sprinkle of magic in there? Unicorns with rainbow poop? Super manure and even goblins for monster or regular meat with a couple of resources on them? 4) Base camps, Now I know I may be lame for this (obviously) but the highest I ever made it up to in the games Ive played is day 38 and I was most definitely occupied with what I was doing, but always found myself in one base camp. Nothing wrong with that of course but I knew I had to leave to find more resources and this became a whole run back and forth thing that sometimes got very time consuming which its meant to be but days by days passing without finding special resources like bees and nests kinda sucked. Nothing wrong with that concept though I know its meant to be there but is there any way you could involve more creative structures to benefit the player and kinda give that "homey" feel to their base when they return? Like maybe a couple of long torches to surround the base (especially good for lighting too but definitely with the restriction of never ending, always have to keep it lit like the base fire) or removable gravestones to bring back? Silly but it d be cool to have like a lil personal touch to my survival base. 5) Characters, I really loveeee the characters in this game even though I have just three but I still get a kick out of the special voice tones and ways you approach surviving with them. Not much of a in detail suggestion but just keep making unique characters to the game to give it more choice options within each death we get! I would suggest save slots but the idea of creating a tent to switch is pretty awesome already. And if you do get alot, maybe the experience points at the end wouldn't be added from just days survived byt maybe even a bit from enemies killed and buildings created? 6) Now this isnt much of a suggestion but more of a question... The goal is survival... So with all these veterean players who get over day 100 and all that, what much would be left of the game then? Being curious I ask this so if theres any good insight to what there is ahead that I may not know, Id love to find out. So in the end, as i test my stupidity and see it fail, I always remake my files and get right back in. I hope I see what you guys have to say so I can look forward to all the upcoming updates and see the final product come under play! Now I do wanna write more but I have a new world to start!