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  1. Hey guys! This game is ******* awesome but I have two questions about that: 1) Why my version doesn't have an online mode? What files or updates have I got to download to play co-op online? With humblebundle's version, which is my server? I read that there are different servers for steam, origin, etc.. If my issue is strange, I thought there was no online mode for Windows since yesterday that I seen the menĂ¹ on the left in a youtube video. I don't have that menĂ¹ on the left, only the right one With campaign, survival, settings. No way to create or join a survival co-op online. 2) I think that double moving settings keyboard-mouse is very strange, Can I disable it and attack only the side I'm facing, Also only for the second player? I'd love to play With friends on the same keyboard but how to do This With only ONE mouse? If I will buy a controller ps3 or xbox360 it will be full working for P1 keyboard-mouse and P2 controller? How you managed This double moving settings With gamepad? Thanks a lot and please forgive me for the bad english, I'm not a native speaker.