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  1. These statues and all that stone "furniture" look like they're from another (probably dead) civilication.AKA RUINS
  2. Ruins Speculation Thread

    Well these giant tentacles have to start somewhere...Maybe a tentacle-ish boss?
  3. That profile picture of yours...

    Brothers in handsomeness

  4. Silly you, sunset sarsaparilla and nuka cola are completely different things!

  5. I've been busy the last few days, but the time I had to play Don't Starve, got to ~10 days on a pre-patch world (I continoued that world).I've noticed that the winterometer doesn't really seem to work on that world... it just goes down and up, but never stays down. I've seen someone else on here having the same problem, mentioning winter never came for him in a pre-patch world. So, shouldn't the temperature start decreasing by now?And about MacTusk.I assume the walrus camp is part of the world generation, thus not being included in a pre-patch world, correct?EDIT: Nvm, winter kicked in late after 25 or so, and I edited mactusk in the game with testing tools
  6. Them roads.

    Yeah well, dead and ugly kinda makes sense but... they could've made dirt roads atleast, not just black pixels that look like a swarm of angry ants.And yeah, that's a world from the progress update.
  7. Them roads.

    I mean, just look at it.Words can't even express the ugliness :/The old ones looked just fine, why change them to... this?
  8. Hmmm... the Igloo has a door...
  9. Looks like Wilson did some serious things during his experiments (maybe even using living test persons, would explain the skeleton/the grave), but yet he wouldn't stop and would still try to conquer it all with the power of his mind. Thus, still hungry for more, Maxwell shows up to sort of 'punish' him. Also, that intro and outro music is awesomely fitting to the rather sinister ambience of Don't Starve, would be nice to see that ingame. (gramaphone, perhaps?)
  10. I don't want to be the party popper, but I think there's no more to see.We've already found the eureka thing which lead us to the concept art, I highly doubt there's anything more left.
  11. Hmmm...Has anyone thought about the MacTusk image?Along the edges of that image it shows these letters:(when you 'shine light' onto it) M12, M96, M43, X27, X44, M37, X85, A18, A15, A53from left to rightEDIT: Oh wait, that was a completely different story...cejoga found "properties" as the solution of that.Sorry for popping in like that, without any helpful hints :l
  12. My theory:We don't die and respawn with all our progrress lost, but instead respawn with all our progress staying the same in that world.Meaing we can pick up the stuff we lost on our death again.But to be serious, I kind of doubt that, as that would make meat effigies kinda pointless and would also ruin the whole concept of Don't Starve
  13. Walrus people (MacTusk.jpg)

    Nope, he stated that the deerclops will not be the almost invincible mob.I'd give you a link if I'd stumble across the thread...
  14. Walrus people (MacTusk.jpg)

    Kevin has mentioned several times that these fine people (or walrusses) are going to hunt you down for the pure fun, and that they are almost invincible.He said that one of the creatures is going to be nearly invincible, later stated that it's not the deerclops, and it's pretty unlikely that the ice hounds are going to be so hard to deal with.Also, on adventure mode, you start off in winter in the later levels, while the deerclops and the walrusses hunt you, while you just run and search the teleportato pieces.So yeah, all in all, winter is going to add some serious difficulty to the game.
  15. BEARDLINGS please help me

    Nah, all rumors.'Beardlings' technically don't even exist.If your sanity is below 30 points rabbits turn into black, demonic looking balls of scratchy fur, those are the beardlings.They drop either monster meat, nightmare fuel or beard hair, making it possible to get beard hair for all the other characters.