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  1. Shank 2 Linux - last level bug

    This has been fixored on latest 7th update of the game, thanks for that, now shank climbs the stairs smoothly as he should. Thanks again.
  2. Thank You for Your Awsome Linux Support

    I will join and also say thanks for this great support. Finnaly Linux got enough attention even that there are a lot of bugs to take care of. Thank you very much, game is awesome and I already finished it. Looking forward for new ones. GREAT STUFF!
  3. i cant see movies

    This will be hard figure out because of all the different ways how system plays these videos. I for example have bug that when I play survival mode and the bomber dude appears, game plays this video with bomber guy sneaking in. The screen turns black while the video plays and I am being beaten in the background while it plays it. The thing is that it should be transparent, with only that bomber guy, but my system doesnt make it so. Workaround was to rm these bomber videos and also when boss appears. What you can do for sure is to play around with all kind of codecs and players, not sure how it should be done. I am running gentoo linux with mplayer2 and libav. That did it pretty well. Br, -mkz
  4. Shank 2 Linux - last level bug

    Hei there, I am glad that I am not the only one with such problem, because it's really weird and annoying. I can't pass the same spot at this game and I am using the latest 2013-01-05 Shank 2 from Indie Bundle. This is really annoying as the game itself is cool and I want to finish it. And is it really the last level of shank 2? I was expecting that it's only the middle. Btw, this I am using xbox 360 like controller (logitech chillstream which uses same xpad driver in linux kernel) and I am still can't control the menu, only with keyboard. At least I can play with joystick. For now, it would be wonderful to get rid of this stair problem.