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  1. ooc: I actually think of dialong for moss and have just been swtiching the letters for dots but its hard and I have gotten sick of it so from now on his actual dialog is in brackets (though still no one can understand him)[i am putting these runes here stop stop intruders] - a short time later wyvern's "mandrake sense" is tingling (or whatever it does)-
  2. hey @F3RR1S are we gonna rpEdit also I qouted you becuse A. mention is broken and B, CLEAN OUT YOU INBOX
  3. -with the house built moss begins carving runes into the doorframe of the stairs- [MENTION=8696]F3RR1S[/MENTION] *cough*
  4. hooray! and I will start ..________ -moss leans over the edge and yells or at least what seems like yelling- ... ... ..... .. .... .. ...? fine I'm coming.. -Schiz joins in the building-
  5. but we also only take those who follow the rules such as reading the damn rules in the first place *bucks off thread*
  6. I dont want to let it die I havent been on due to storms the past 2 days making the internet spotty as heck (on the bright side the lack of interwebs made me finally suck it up and play aminsia which I have been trying to work up to playing and I managed not to **** bricks XD)I have no idea what [MENTION=8696]F3RR1S[/MENTION] 's exuse is though
  7. [MENTION=8696]F3RR1S[/MENTION] are we going to RP today
  8. [MENTION=8696]F3RR1S[/MENTION] you gonna say something?
  9. -soon the little seed has grown into a huge hollow tree Moss then drags the trees he fell towards it and then begins using magic to build a tree-house with the entrance being stairs within the tree-
  10. -as he casts the ground rumbles then a tree sprouts and begins rapidly growing-ooc: [MENTION=8696]F3RR1S[/MENTION] ?
  11. -he then buries a seed and then begins casting magic on it-
  12. -after making the clearing consitably larger he then begins digging a small hole-
  13. -wyvern looks outside and sees Moss ripping trees out and piling them to make the clearing bigger-
  14. -the sound of falling trees can be heard outside-
  15. what did I just tell you *lanches him/her out of a cannon this time*
  16. front page and STOP POSTING *bucks rabbitfist off the cliff*
  17. -moss goes outside-ooc: [MENTION=8696]F3RR1S[/MENTION] your turn bro
  18. .. well its rather rather crowded here, not to mention it feels weird living with a bunch of humans.. *sweatdrop* edit/ooc: NO*throws lumpy treeguard off a cliff* You did not read the rules!
  19. Moss and I have been talking and well we are going to build our own house .... .. ... .... .. . .... .... .... ... ... ..... .. .... ... T.T