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  1. ooc: *sigh*-wyvern wonders why they are hiding her in such a manner and what was with this plan of theirs-
  2. -wyvern can't stop thinking about what he saw in the treehouse-
  3. -schiz and moss look at each other then back at wyvern- .. yes
  4. Sorry but we have to be sure.. -moss casts a spell on wyvern- its a silence charm you wont be able to speak of what you saw outside of this building
  5. -moss walks in-[how much does he know?] Not much but he's seen her... [this could be a problem it's much too early for the group to find out about her..] not to mention if Wither finds her now... [we only have one option then...]-Moss starts charging a spell-
  6. -Wyvern suddenly finds himself yanked/dragged out of the room bacwards and then hanging from the front room celing, Schiz glaring at him-How much did you see?...
  7. -on seeing wyvern the tailless one ducks behind the other hissing-Wyvern!? What are you doing in here? you aren't suppost to be in here!
  8. -both snap to attention and look around on hearing the creaking the tailless one looking rather nervous-
  9. -as wyvern watchs he notices a few things the two look slightly different for one, one of the two has a familar lion like tail while the other lacks one. the one lacking a tail is displaying more guarded body language, the two are talking about the other members of the group or rather the more open one is talking about the group-
  10. ooc: keep going (was expecting a bigger reaction)
  11. ooc: ok-wyvern finds himself walking into a odd pair of rooms sperated by a wall of clear glass which has been enchanted in a way that it can act ether normal or like a one-way mirror, and the door between the rooms oddly locks on both sides, but what surprises him the most is the second room (which has a nesting bed in it) is currently occupied by what looks like two Mallorys-
  12. derp [MENTION=8696]F3RR1S[/MENTION] have been busy anyway want to RP
  13. -he hears talking coming from one of the other rooms-
  14. -this time teleporting in while invisible works more or less but he will have to be careful as schiz is on alert after his earlier attempts-
  15. -barrels do not make good cover if you are not in a nautical area, and Wyvern is ejected again-
  16. -the end result is him ameddantly getting booted back out as he forgot schz is in the treehouse-
  17. [no..] -goes back to carving--wyvern is unsure of what moss said but it looks like he will have to go stealth if he wants access-
  18. I think she went in the tree house a little while ago..
  19. -after checking everywhere but the treehouse he does not find her-
  20. -moss shrugs and goes back to carving... looking around wyvern sees it doesn't look like any of the others who are in the clearing said anything though he doesnt see Mallory-
  21. last time the indenct got mentioned wyvern stormed accross a whole cleariing yelling about mandrake sense therefore he mush have a sixth sense about when Mallory is talking about it (or maybe when anyone talks trash about him or somthing)