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  1. [MENTION=25886]Lord_Battal[/MENTION] I see you came back you going to RP today?
  2. [MENTION=25886]Lord_Battal[/MENTION] you have stuff to do there was a crash and is Maxwell dead or just unconscious
  3. ooc: I hope ferris returns and I see you lurking [MENTION=25886]Lord_Battal[/MENTION]
  4. not necessarily but I can take a crack at it... We found her outside the other camp while we were looking for a way to reverse the age spell... Although we are aware she has had past run ins with you and Wither, Moss noticed some discrepancys in her behavior.. and well from what moss found earlyer we have confirmed his suspicions that something wasn't right... - at this point moss pulls out and places on a nearby table several items, 3 shards of some sort of ethereal crystal as well as the choker necklace Maliss had been wearing-
  5. -schiz hits wyvern with a wood chunk and then gestures at him to shut up and points at Wither's house (its pretty much clear he means shut up you moron before you attract Wither's attention or I /or moss will inflict more harm on you)-
  6. -he looks up and sees schiz repairing a hole in a wall-
  7. -he ends up tripping on the pile of rubble from the hole-
  8. hello [MENTION=8696]F3RR1S[/MENTION] soo while wither and the others were up to shanagans what was wyvern doing?
  9. *cough* [MENTION=25886]Lord_Battal[/MENTION] is Maxwell dead agian and did wither hear the crash?
  10. ooc: maxwell death +1?-schiz is so mad he punches the wall unfortunately this plus his forgetfulness over the increase in his powers means he has just punched a large hole in the wall causing a sizable amount of debris to crash to the ground below- O.o... Oops -facepalm-
  11. so how did it go? [arguably well, things are pretty bad the worst though is that bastard put mind control spells on her] He what?! [i think I removed them all... they were for obiance loyaly and i am pretty sure the third was renforcing the "lessons" on cruleity]
  12. -moss's search turns up two more pillars both of which he also smashes- that should help get things back on track... -moss returns to his own body-
  13. ooc: O.o does he eat like garfield the cat or something?
  14. -Moss circles the structure examining it- well constructed and hidden but he did not account for anyone mind delving it would seem ... -he then smashes the structure- where there is one there may be more -continues his search-
  15. -Moss walks though the land surveying what he sees, but he stops when he finds a pillar of what looks like a crystal substance, He then puts a paw to it, and shivers- that bastard ...
  16. -Meanwhile on the subconscious plane (ooc: man that sounds cool) Moss delves into Maliss's mind- -looks around and whistles- its a lot worst than I thought ..
  17. well then chunk of one person's char's talking ahoy!---------------------------with the ball of anger that is Wither averted, schiz goes to check on the others and finds moss in a magical trance just like he left him-
  18. ooc: I guess ferris wont be on today sooo should I move the plot without him or wait...
  19. -watches Wither leave then talks to himself- *sweatdrop* for once its a good thing that sloth demons go on a rampage when woken...
  20. well you cant..Moss went to bed early and you know how sloth demons get if you wake them up...
  21. *flicks cheese puffs at [MENTION=25886]Lord_Battal[/MENTION]*
  22. ooc: Hi batt!-on entering the treehouse's main room wither finds further progress blocked by schiz-
  23. ooc: ok fine [MENTION=8696]F3RR1S[/MENTION]-unable to talk to the others about it Wyvern finds he has no option but to return to the treehouse if he wants answers-