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  1. ooc: umm.. not sure where to go with this nowI did find the picture via tumblr though
  2. ooc: its somewhere on the forums too I forgot their forum name through *headdesk* its really old now and I am in no mood to dig now but the guy also created fluffy wilson and liked tenticals and was a big artest around here for a while..-maliss's notes are rather sloppy and childish many seem to be mostly ways of harming wyvern including a convaloted plan involving sharks and lasers, among them however there are some papers not written by her but are in a famlier writing style and appear to be instructions on taking over the world and how to build the altar... -
  3. -none of the books are Wither's missing one however is somewhat interesting as the bookmark is set in a chapter on altarsit mostly conferms what moss had told them about being used as long distance commutation between lords and generals however he does find that the totam in the center is used as a focus being of the lord's beast form-ooc: I do not take claim for giant bird maxwell that was inspired by some fan art done by another forum member I just liked and ran with it
  4. -the chest has what appears to be a pile of notes (in what wither assumes is Maliss's handwriting) , some unused gems, and some magic books (one of which has a bookmark)-
  5. -the altar gives of a nasty feeling that gives even wither the creeps, its mostly made of wood and some metals and stone that has been carved with various ruins and designs and the center has a sort of statue of some sort of bird like monster, around the altar are varous gems and other things that are often used to channel magic many are cracked or burned..-
  6. -there isnt really much to look at within the tent, there is a a pile of what appears to be animal skins no doubt her sleeping spot a simple chest and the altar-
  7. -examing the camp is easy as he goes unnoticed by the cult, looking around some of the main tents he cant find any recent sign of Maliss..-
  8. -from the air he can see that many of the cult (still under the age spells effects) have returned to the camp and seem to just be milling about there seems to be no one leading them right now-
  9. unfortunately no I have been inquiring in some of the local towns and searching on my own and I haven't turned up anything concrete on any of their locations yet... Ooc: I am still working out on what most of them actually are and the one I have set I am working on a group plot for
  10. -The Night passes un-eventfully for most of the group and the next day things seem a bit settled down,-
  11. -as the time changes to night those in the treehouse decide to rest for the night wyvern leaves and Schiz and Moss head to bed-
  12. -after a few minutes the scratching stops and the feel of magics activating can be felt before moss returns to the sitting room-[i put a barrier spell up so wither can not access the nesting area hopfully now you can calm down enough not to destroy the house]
  13. yea just sitting here lurking and eating a sandwich
  14. ooc: maybe if I start on my own [MENTION=8696]F3RR1S[/MENTION] will jump in on his own I KNOW YOU ARE ON FERRIS-moss leaves the room and scratching noises can be heard in the hall-
  15. ooc: guys? [MENTION=8696]F3RR1S[/MENTION] [MENTION=25886]Lord_Battal[/MENTION]?
  16. ooc: hi [MENTION=25886]Lord_Battal[/MENTION] and [MENTION=8696]F3RR1S[/MENTION]
  17. -schiz sighs and starts to calm down- .... it's just the fact he has the nerve to come anywhere near this place after that. she was terrified and now he just acts like nothing happened.. [hes a shade or was anyway he probley doesn't understand anything about child rearing or child-psychology for that matter]
  18. -for the first couple of minutes Wither mostly hears angry/agtated grumblings from schiz and witnesses a chair being thrown out of the hole-[you really should take some anger management courses] ahhhrrgg!*growling* I really hate him! he doesn't have the right to come bursting in here like that! has he never heard of privacy! expressly after that stunt he pulled! -punches another hole in the wall- [you have a right to be mad but calm down before you end up destroying the house or at least go outside]
  19. -wither ends up busting into the sitting room where Schiz, Wyvern, and Moss are talking startling Schiz and Wyvern-HOLY SIN DO YOU HAVE TO COME BURSTING IN HERE!?! GET OUT NOW!!!! -quickly while schiz is chewing out Wither Moss conceals the necklace before wither spots it - ooc: the crystals are still in plain view
  20. -this time his progress is less impeded as no one is in the front room-
  21. -while flinging the corpse Wither notes the pile of debris in the yard-
  22. sorry had sudden family crisis its resolved now though