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  1. ooc; well if ferris WAS ON this is the part where he would say something but we have to improvise -hound-mazaal scampers off to test his new body- so are you going to work with mal more today? [not today removal of those spells has left her mind exusted she will need some time to recover before we can help her more] you know full well I don't understand mental magic like you do,what do you mean by that? [well to put it in simpler terms her brain sort of needs to "reboot" and as such she will probably sleep for a few days]
  2. [i dont care what you think we are keeping him now will you please translate what I am saying to him?] fine but if this ends with a fight between you and Wither please take it away from camp [duly noted, now -looks at Mazaal- unlike other demons in our company I believe in second chances and I'm going to give you one.. now of course i am not just going to turn you back into a human you would not of learned anything.. instead I am going to turn you into a hound, and I'm sure you will agree is quite the improvement over a rabbit if you wish to return to humman form you will have to commit 50 good deeds and for every bad deed you do while under the spell 5 more good deeds will be added to the requirement] -schiz translates-
  3. -it is at this point bug-wither hears Moss and Schiz enter the tree house still arguing about the rabbit-
  4. -moss reaches his goal the outskirts of the cult's camp and starts searching the undergrowth till he finds a certain rabbit and scoops him up and heads back to camp with said rabbit in tow- -back at camp Schiz sees Moss return with the rabbit- you cant be serous... you are trying to make him (Wither) mad at this point arent you? [not intenally ... but Mazall here although techniclly her minon was about the closest thing to a friend she has I figure it might help to keep him around ... not to mention the whole turning him into a rabbit was a bit harsh ]
  5. ooc: Im gonna start one of the bits that technically needs ferris but whatever.. also unintentionally this has sort become the F*** what wither wants to do moss does what he wants arc *shrugs*-meanwhile outside moss decides to leave camp for a bit and heads off-
  6. im here, just was on a differnet tab and hadnt checked on this one in while
  7. of course I suppose one of us could voice his char.s for a bit maybe that might even get him to pay attention *evil grin*
  8. *randomly hurls a ferret at batt* he needs to get on parts of the plot require him
  9. if by on you mean sitting here wondering where the hell ferris has been the last few days then yes
  10. -it is fortunate that wither is in disguise as a bug as a short time later Mallory sulks into the room tired and still a bit frazzled from her earlier encounter with Wither, she curls up near maliss and starts reading a book-
  11. -wither lands on the wall close to the being who is sleeping in the far corner of the nest, to his shock he finds its maliss.. and she is back in her adult form, however looking at her he notices some changes, her outfit is different rather than the sundress and choker she normally wears has been replaced by a simple t-shirt and pajama pants, as well she is covered in old looking scars wither is sure were not there before-
  12. ooc: mind control not what I expected :/ but on the being sneaky side of things it is actually better than my idea of how to get past -wither finds himself in control of the random bug which turns out to be a stinkbug cockroach firefly, bug-wither quickly flys down the hall to the room with the heat source. the door is shut but fortunately firefly's are small enough he can fit under it.. he finds a bizarre set of two conjoined rooms one a second sitting/reading room and beyond that the nesting room and there appears to be someone in there-
  13. the assault lasts for a few minutes the barrier flickers a bit but ultmatly stays up wither stands there annoyed and gets slightly more annoyed when a random bug flys down the hall and though the barrier that he can not pass through-
  14. -with a thud and some pain Wither finds himself walking straight into an invisible wall looking around he can see some runes on the other side of the barrier he then relises recognizing the runes they are creating the barrier and its a targeted spell and its targeted on him(in other words a barrier that only keeps him out) and if that wasnt all, its faint with walls in the way but there is a change of heat beyord the barrier its not paticulay hot but warm enough to be a living being-
  15. -as Wither lurks about the house things start out normal enough a entryway kitchen, dineing area.. the first strange thing he finds is the sitting room on the table there are the 3 odd crystals lying on the table-
  16. ooc: well wither could try to patch things up or he could attempt some snooping (he's probably/hopefully better at it than Wyvern)
  17. ....(great now what do I do with these if I toss them he might get suspicious, and on the other hand I already know what these were for...)]
  18. -unfortunately prior events are now coming back to bite wither on the arse - -HIISSSSSSSSSSSSssssssssssssss- -Wither finds himself looking at a somewhat angry adult demon and a stressed out juvinile-
  19. -moss looks at the things- [well these seem to be instructions on how to build an altar alright.. the question is where did you find the crystal? it appears overloaded like someone put too much magic into it..]
  20. -meanwhile its a fairly calm day at camp moss is apparently training flowers to grow on the tree, somehow schiz has gotten a sudoku book and is solving a puzzle, and Mallory is harassing ferris with a stick-
  21. I don't know what made them dissapear if they actually did and you didnt go crazy but they exist now