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  1. l-l-l -starts trembling and moss has to comfort her- lordmaxwell -buries her face against moss-
  2. ... we knew.. we went overboard but *shivers in fear* He demanded it, that we do not let those that undermine usss escape.. and we had to obey hisss ordersss..
  3. -after a few more minutes Moss decides to take control of things he then turns to maliss- [perhaps you should start by apologizing to him..] -shifts uncomfortably-..... [unintelligible squeak] [it's ok we know you were not fully in-control of your actions...] ... -glances at wyvern then the floor a couple times- ... we're sorry.... that we attacked.. you.... and sent othersss. to hurt.. you... ooc: [MENTION=8696]F3RR1S[/MENTION]
  4. -with the window clear it doesnt take long for Wyvern and Maliss to make eye contact and they end up staring at each other awkwardly for several minutes (though wyvern notes her body language isn't aggressive)-
  5. -schiz opens the door sightly and signals moss before closing it again- - moss then tells maliss something before Schiz then hits a switch turning the mirror into a two-way window-
  6. ooc: [MENTION=8696]F3RR1S[/MENTION] ? well now that she is awake and you are here i dont suppose you want to be the first to interact with her? of course you would have the wall between you and her -motions at the one way mirror-
  7. well now that she is awake we were going to start to slowly introducing her to the rest of the group *sweatdrop* of course we were going to do you and wither last given the conflicts you two have had with her in the past
  8. It's a long story but roughly Moss found that she was under several serious mind control spells and well after he removed them she slept for several days while she recovered
  9. -wyvern ends up walking to the back of the house arriving just shortly after Schiz-
  10. oi [MENTION=8696]F3RR1S[/MENTION] does wyvern have a question
  11. -meanwhile the others return from gathering supplys-
  12. yea wither has been spying while you were gone but that doent mean you cant keep posting stuff plus we never found out if wyvern got his questions answered
  13. [MENTION=8696]F3RR1S[/MENTION] hello earth to ferris
  14. -meanwhile back at camp, bug-wither watches as Maliss begins to stir, moss enters the room carring a bucket and sits next to her. when she wakes up she quickly begins retching and he holds the bucket out as she coughs up a odd black subsance into it-
  15. well at least drop a note next timeand you should start you can eather have more dialoge for wyvern or have newly turned hound Mazaal speak up
  16. ok [MENTION=8696]F3RR1S[/MENTION] are you going to RP at all this month?
  17. -this unfortunately makes for a boring time as the only thing going on in the treehouse is moss tending to plants in a greenhouse room and maliss sleeping-
  18. -with the new day (and mal still sleeping) the group starts doing their normal things today schiz, mallory, and aria leave camp to gather supplys (and in arias case info)-
  19. -Wither wakes sometime later after having a weird dream involing maliss hounds and for some odd reason pickles in which all his teeth fell out-
  20. -moss and schiz leave to go back what they were doing earlyer-