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  1. well I suggest you get that meat away from him and get him something not rancid to eat first...
  2. (makes an ick face..) so umm Wither what exactly is your plan with him?
  3. ( realizes that the newcomer is crazy) *sweatdrop* I meant you look like you have been having trouble getting enough to eat is all...
  4. -Aria is the first to notice Wither and the newcomer-who is that with you?
  5. [MENTION=8696]F3RR1S[/MENTION] right now though our main goal is to get her back to used to normal interaction with others... -Moss shows up then- [she has calm downed now] moss said that Mal has calmed down if you are up to talking with her more..
  6. - *sweatdrop* I dont want to know but we are going to hold off on telling him as long as possible..
  7. that's good to hear... you know in all honesty we actually thought you would be a lot more mad about this whole thing..
  8. so the queston now is does wyvern have anymore questions and/or is he willing to contenue trying to "play" nice with maliss
  9. ... well I'm alone and feeling revved up so time for some random lore! been meaning to stick this in somewhere but havent so I give you the much awaited great war! roughtly 1,000 years ago (becuse all great events seem to happen a thousand years ago) what has become known as the great war and the great devide happened ... back in the time of the past there were simply a single kind of demon who drew energy from both the souls of the dammed and the negative emotions of mortals these first demons were ruled over by a singel king the lord of sin Lucifer. However as time moved on he and many of his close followers began to grow greedy, why should they only consume the souls of those damned to hell and began to take the souls of the innocent as well. this resulted in angering the angels who both began to fight the demons and arm the mortals with holy items to protect themselves, as the war waged on some demons began to wonder, Why should we risk our lives because of the foolish actions of others? these demons then chose to separate themselves from the greedy ones even going so far as to stop consuming souls to better diffcate themselves from the others, as time and the war went on these demons and those who still fought began to change forming the two kinds we know today. as the war went on and casualty's mounted the angels approached these new demons beseeching them to join their side as the loss of numbers on all sides was not good for anyone, soon after this alliance was formed the first deamons appeared some say this was a dicrect result of it but no one truly knows... it was not long after that with then ew numbers to the angels side that the tide turned and in a great battle the lord of sin was defeated... after his defeat his followers quickly surrendered and it was decided to keep such a thing from happening there would no longer be a single leader instead the 7 sins were devided among 7 of the leaders of the demons...
  10. Im on and feeling a lot better [MENTION=8696]F3RR1S[/MENTION] [MENTION=25886]Lord_Battal[/MENTION]
  11. Im sorry but I havent been feeling well and I am fading you can keep going on your own but I need sleep
  12. -meanwhile moss is having a bit of trouble as maliss got spooked while he was showing her an inhanced growth spell and now the shub she was practicing on has filed the room- sorry.. [right I guess we will skip growth spells for now]
  13. -teatching Maliss is slow going as she is surprisingly jumpy and reacts to every little noise-
  14. not as halrous as knitting which I also considered ... but then I figured that might make others uncomfertable like she might stab them with a needle or something...----
  15. -meanwhile, because of the tension with other group members Maliss can not go outside the treehouse quite yet so moss teaches her how to garden so she has something constructive to do to pass the time...-
  16. I was actually thinking you should have some more chars its kinda funny you only have 2 and me and ferris both have like a dozen
  17. I think we will actually have to leave it for now I cant really do the talking part with out ferris
  18. expt they dont want to stress her out too much so they are taking a break
  19. ooc: I really dont have much to add at this point
  20. hi batt and keep going - - - Updated - - - hi batt and keep going
  21. ... you know come to think of it we never di finish ansewing whatever questions you had the other day. are there any we didn't cover? [MENTION=8696]F3RR1S[/MENTION]
  22. [she's getting pretty stressed now I think we should take a break]Moss thinks we need to take a break for a bit,as its probably a bad idea to let her get too stressed -Schiz flips the switch again changing the mirror back-