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  1. -Schiz stops for a second confused, before contenuing to follow her-
  2. -schiz follows after her--shortly after they leave ferris un-zones out and goes back to rolling in the dirt or whatever he was doing none the wiser-
  3. -when we last left our heros schiz had just hypnotised ferris infront of Elizabeth, will she freak out over this show of power and not help with the rehiblation of maliss find out today on the thread-
  4. -Schiz then carefully puts ferris down where he sits there looking zoned out and the tenticals retract into his shadow--looks at Elizabeth- sorry you had to see that and dont worry he will be like that for a few minutes but be fine..
  5. f*** I swore not to do this kind of stuff because I'm not a jerk like Maxwell but... -Ferris is restrained by shadow tenticals and is pulled close, schiz's eyes then glow as he hypnotizes ferris- you will not tell wither about any surprise...
  6. I'm still here I presume [MENTION=8696]F3RR1S[/MENTION] is in the shower
  7. ... about the present that we were thinking about getting him, we want it to be a surprise(ooc: reminder Schiz is a demon of madness/deception so is an expert at lying)
  8. but then how.. oh whatever thanks for not telling Wither anyway..
  9. ye.. wait how did you know?.... WYVERN! (ooc: keep in mind schiz doent know about her powers)
  10. ... so umm..*back of head rub* Moss wants you to come to the treehouse when you have some free time...
  11. ok lets get this party started also even if you hate it ferris your chars have to talk to maliss becuse batt only has 3 two of which it would not be a good idea to have talk to her and I suck at writing both sides of a conversation -------------- -despite Schiz thinking she's "creepy" he ends up trying recrut Elizabeth- -walks up to her- uhhh... hi
  12. ooc sorry got distracted ..--- guess we will have to pick another member to talk to her.. moss wanted to try Elizabeth personally i find her a bit creepy..
  13. so wyvern talks to maliss or they find someone else..
  14. Wilfred you really should not eat so fast you might get a stomic ache..- gets him a second bowl-
  15. -aria leads Wilfred inside and gets him a nice bowl of meaty stew to eat-
  16. ok Wilfred how about we get you some fresh food to eat and some clean clothes?
  17. ( ̄□ ̄;) well I guess we know why he acts the way he does...